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Let’s talk Swimming

On my run two days on, one day off streak and feeling good. Out of shape, but good.  Want to know my go-to playlist right now? I need to switch it up, but this has been my go-to for the past three weeks: Wild Ones – Flo Rida This is how we do – Big … more »

Two Days in a Row & Week Update

I’ve transitioned into running two days in a row, followed by one-two days off running. I’ve somehow managed to workout every single day this week- which I haven’t done since I hurt my foot. Thursday it was literally 20 minutes of rowing and stair master but it was something. I set up at the Y and … more »

9 Weeks. 9 Freaking Weeks.

I’m about 9 weeks out from tearing my plantar fascia. Three weeks longer than I’ve ever gone without running since I was a kid. And let’s just call it was it is- it’s the longest I’ve ever gone because kids always run so there was no starting point. Running has never not been a constant in … more »

Chicago + Last Weeks Rundown

A week has come and gone since Chicago. How did that happen. It was such a fun weekend. Still sort of sad I didn’t get to run, but had a great time cheering on my friends. Thank you so much to Saucony and Competitor for the amazing opportunity to join the 26 strong team. I … more »

4 Weeks Already

Not knowing when this sucker is going to heal might be the hardest part about not running. I can’t make a plan because I don’t know when it will be better. The Doctor says probably 6-8 weeks, but who really knows. I’ll be able to feel it when it’s ready. I know that even if … more »

Day Three.

What? you thought I’d quit already? NAAAA. I don’t quit that easy.  We had our BEST stroller group at Annex yet today. 15 momma’s and a ton of kids. Look at that fierce group. Marshall couldn’t handle the walk, I guess he’s used to the person behind the stroller running. So he got out, promptly … more »

Where I’m at.

Tomorrow will be THREE weeks since my epic plantar fascia tear. Wha wha wha.  I got a little anxious this weekend. Mostly just yesterday. I hadn’t worked out since Thursday and I was just feeling… WOOFtastic. It’s not like I can’t hop in the water most days for a swim at the Y, but the … more »