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Tomorrow will be THREE weeks since my epic plantar fascia tear. Wha wha wha. 

I got a little anxious this weekend. Mostly just yesterday. I hadn’t worked out since Thursday and I was just feeling… WOOFtastic. It’s not like I can’t hop in the water most days for a swim at the Y, but the logistics of getting to the pool just takes more steps and hey I’m lazy sometimes. Or hey, I just don’t want to do it. With running, as long as it’s not too cold for the stroller, I can essentially do it anytime and with the little people I drag around with me everywhere, it’s just easier that way.

The problem though, is that like most of you, I rely heavily on working out for my mental health. I can’t wrap my head around how people just get up in the morning, shower and start their day without one thought of when they might workout that day. More importantly, I don’t know how they function as nice humans. If I go two days in a row without exercise… hide your loved ones from me, especially your annoying children. I can only take my own. And also anyone driving or walking below the speed limit right in front of me. I just can’t. Patience is hard enough to come by even when I’m getting my fix.

I always say running and working out isn’t about losing weight for me, BUT when I don’t get to run, I realize how much more I like how my body feels and looks when I am in good running shape. I take that for granted because it is my norm to run. Right now, three weeks removed from my norm, I’m feeling a little blah. A little out of shape and soft. I’m not looking for compliments. I know I look fine and who cares… but I’m feeling a little gross, ok? I’m allowed to feel that way.

I think my answer is, I need to give myself some structure right now. I am sort of avoiding the bike and rowing because I’m thinking it might be irritating the plantar a bit. That doesn’t mean I can’t spend some more time on some basic strength stuff. I know a lot of people like schedules and plans for running. I don’t necessarily like a set plan when it comes to running. I like to go by feel and have a general idea of how many miles and what type of miles I want to be running and just do it week by week. When I’m not running though, I need some structure and a little guidance to stay motivated. I just don’t get excited thinking about finishing a big bike or swim. Speaking of that, I should do 10 push ups before I head to bed.

I had a good for me swim workout this morning, that left me feeling more satisfied than most of my workouts in the past few weeks. I swam 1,000, did 15 minutes of water running and then swam another 250. Going to start incorporating more water running. Felt a good burn in my legs I don’t get from swimming.

The picture below was after my Thursday swim. It was slothy and I did not have a swimmers high. And my goggle marks are really sweet.

runners high

While I’m still backing my “Calm down, it’s just running” post, I think I’ll add to that post. “But it’s ok if you feel gross sometimes as long as you don’t throw a pity party longer than 20 minutes a day”

Truly, I’m thankful for my health and  I’m just whining for a minute people. 

And here are some pics of the week. I was going to say my favorite pics, but realized the adorable picture I posted on instagram of Marshall running with Cadence down the alley didn’t make it in this bunch, so they aren’t all of my favorite. There are too many. I take too may pictures.

BIG LOU. He’s everywhere and his first little tooth just popped through:


Marshall is the cutest, sweetest, meanest, difficult, most bipolar human I’ve ever met. Really though, I think he’s just three. But man. Three is hard. Like harder than I ever could have imagined. The good is really good and the hard is really hard.


Glenn was out of town this weekend dropping out of a race, so I was flying solo. I got to meet Jana, who I have been coaching for over a year. She’s pretty much amazing. Already inviting her on trips with girlfriends. Bummed that Indy Women’s was cancelled due to weather, but happy we got to meet because of the race. She came in from Minnesota with her husband Joe. I wish they lived closer. Sigh.


I also randomly got to meet Tina, who I have known on the internets for awhile, cheered at a marathon for but never met in person. The two women (Tina and Erin) I am standing with in the below picture are so fast, you don’t even know. (Both humble as can be. I can brag about them because I’m not them) AND NOW, I’ve start listening to the runners connect podcast she hosts.


On Friday, I got to go to dinner with Olivia (who I am coaching for the Saucony 26 Strong Project), my BFF Sarah (who babysat me while Glenn was dropping out of the race and the boys stayed in Bloomington with my mom) and Jana, you know I already talked about her. We tried Penn and Palate. A newish place near downtown. I really liked it.


Oh, also, Big Lou and I went to Public Greens last week while Marshall was at Pre-School. Probably my favorite lunch place to eat right now. (We recently tried The Garden Table as well, but I like Public Greens better) The menu is so up my alley, I can never make a decision I feel totally satisfied with because I want EVERYTHING.


We also celebrated my sister’s baby shower on Saturday. She is due the beginning of December with a boy. That will make four of my parents 5 grandchildren boys. 🙂 Below- Me, older sister Ericka, younger sister Shelby, My Mom.


And here are some videos of life this week. Minus 9 million temper tantrums. 

Jason Derulo, Want to Want me is Marshall and my current favorite song. (Now that we’re past the Nae Nae) Everytime we get in the car he asks if I hope our new song will come on. The version you hear in the video below has Luke Bryan with Jason Derulo because I’m playing it from you tube and if you’ve seen the real video, you’ll probably agree it’s not appropriate for my three year old to see. Hopefully the body inherit GHeins dance skills.

Big Lou foam rolls while Marshall and Glenn sing the cantaloupe song in the kitchen:

I always think I’ll work on posting more blogs, but then I post a blog and it takes like an hour or so because writing and uploading pictures and stuff takes time. So then I go back to just posting once a week or so. Think I’ll make it a goal to post once a day for this entire week. I just gave myself that challenge in the last 25 seconds. Now I feel like I can’t back down. What the hell am I doing? Have I been drinking? I need to go to bed, it’s 10:30pm and I’m already excited thinking about getting up at 5:30 so I can have an hour and a half of alone time tomorrow. Someone give me some tranquilizer so I can turn my brain off.

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