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Day Three.

What? you thought I’d quit already? NAAAA. I don’t quit that easy. 

We had our BEST stroller group at Annex yet today. 15 momma’s and a ton of kids. Look at that fierce group.


Marshall couldn’t handle the walk, I guess he’s used to the person behind the stroller running. So he got out, promptly face planted, held up the line of strollers and then was back at it.


This group is really awesome. I sincerely hope that everyone who walks up feels welcomed and comfortable even if they’ve never met anyone there before. One of the gals who showed up today just saw us out on the monon a couple weeks back and that’s how she heard about it and decided to join! Good stuff. I want it to be a place to connect, encourage and relax (as much as you can when you have your kids in tow)


Big Lou, doing Big Lou things. Usually at these meet ups I forget about Big Lou, because he’s just in the middle of a sea of babies playing. (And I’m usually on Marshall damage control) Today I forgot to check on him for like 20 minutes and didn’t see him. Panicked or 5 seconds and realized Kelly was playing with him. Good thing these other moms are watching out for my kid.


And we are super fortunate that Annex is right next door to Rene’s Bakery. They bring us goodies every week and today it was this amazingly delicious tart cherry pie thing. Yeah. That’s healthy brunch food after a leisurely 30 minute walk right?

Oh and see that awesome gear in the pictures below? We (Athletic Annex) are soooo excited to be offering an exclusive line from Saucony for a few weeks starting the end of October through mid November. Seriously this gear is legit- casual comfort. We are only one of two stores in Indiana (the other store is in schererville, IN) who will have the items for this limited time. I’ll let you know as soon as it’s in. It will be scooped up fast so you don’t want to miss out. I’m pretty excited to see it in person. Oh an of course we have the Tales from Another Mother Runner book out. Love that Sarah and Dimity.


That’s it for now. Day three. What could I possibly have to say tomorrow? I’m sure there will be something.

Oh today’s workout was short, but right now, I’m just trying to get myself in the pool at least 3 times a week:

1,000 Yards: Freestyle – 250 warm up, 2 X 250 hard (with 50 breast stroke between sets) 250 cool down.

I was happy to just to get a swim in because it seems like have the time a kid has had an accident in the pool at the Y so it’s closed for cleaning during my open window of time I’m there to workout. Next time it happens, I’m hunting the kid down myself and setting them straight. That’s mean, huh?

I never really do swim “workouts”, I usually just swim to get to my “goal” distance of the day. Today I just did the 2 X 250 “hard” because I was bored swimming and wanted to make it go faster. In all reality, since my form is so lousy, my “hard” probably isn’t much faster than my “easy” because I’m not very efficient, but man my heart rate was up which made me happy.

 Right now I’m good with keeping my swims between 1,000-1,500 yards or meters. I’m sitting thinking back to when I trained for Muncie 70.3 and I was pretty much doing 2,000 three days a week or more. WOOF.

Who’s got a good swim workout for me?

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