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Let’s talk Swimming

On my run two days on, one day off streak and feeling good. Out of shape, but good. 

Want to know my go-to playlist right now? I need to switch it up, but this has been my go-to for the past three weeks:

  • Wild Ones – Flo Rida
  • This is how we do – Big Tymers
  • Shorty wanna be a thug – Tupac
  • Timber – Pitbull
  • Sugar – Trick Daddy
  • Here we come – St. Lunatics
  • Touch the Sky – Kayne
  • Sunrise – Childish Gambino
  • Survival – Eminem
  • S.O.B – Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats
  • Want to Want me – Jason Derulo
  • California Love – Tupac
  • Jigga What, Jigga Who – Jay-Z
  • Where them girls at – David Guetta

Ok, so let’s talk swimming. It is my GOAL to be committed to the pool. If you’ve heard me say it once, I’ve said it 1,000 times. Truth be told though, the only time I’ve ever been completely committed to swimming is when I taught myself to swim and trained for Muncie 70.3. I wrote about learning to swim during that time. Almost three years ago. Can’t believe that was three years ago.

Speaking of playlist & swimming- I saw a girl swimming the other day with a water proof ipod case and she was straight swimming laps listening to music. That might be a game changer. I’m not sure how I feel about it though. I like the idea, but then again, do I really need music blasting ears while I swim? I’m thinking I’d like it for podcasts. How will I keep track of laps though if I’m all into my podcast? I already feel like I add extras or skip sometimes if I don’t pay a lot of attention. I’m putting serious thought into getting myself a little contraption, especially if I put in the amount of swim time I was for Muncie in 2013.

In the swim department, I’ve been able to try out some new products thanks to FINIS Swim recently and I wanted to share my thoughts.

The goggles.

Ok I’ve been using cheapy goggles from day one. Even back when I was training for Muncie, it was just this random pair that Glenn had used. I don’t know where they came from. Well, hello whole new world, these goggles are so good. No leakage, and I can see everything.. which is kind of gross I guess I don’t really want to see EVERYTHING at the Jordan Y pool. I fell like they close it down at least once a week because some gross kid does something gross in it.


I’ve also been using an axis buoy, fins and agility paddles. The agility paddles are great for someone working on swim technique. They force you to put your hands into the water with a early catch and good arm position. They will only stay on if you keep form. I do a few laps with them to practice and then move on.

I really like incorporating the buoy and fins into my routine because it helps break up the workout, while helping me learn to use proper form. The axis buoy is cool because it can be used between your legs or down at your ankles. (although I have yet to use it at my ankles)

This is the workout I did on Wednesday: 

  • Warm Up:
    • 250 yards with flippers
    • 100 yards with agility paddles
  • Workout: 
    • 250 yards free
    • 250 yards with pull buoy
    • 250 yards free
    • 250 yards with pull buoy
    • 250 yards free – moderate/hard pace
  • Cool Down:
    • 250 Yards free super easy
  • Total: 1,850 yards

Aside from the last 250 yards with no gear, there is was no speed factor to this workout, just simply working on my form and focusing on swimming strong and relaxed. And when I say moderate/hard pace for that last 250, my pace wasn’t much quicker than my normal slow, but I was giving a bigger effort. When I try to swim “faster” I focus on words like “strong, fluid, relaxed”

I’m going to give myself some workouts for swims rather than just hopping in the pool and aimlessly making stuff up as I go.

Do you have a good swim workout for me? Do you use fins or buoys? I wish I would have found the agility paddles when I first taught myself how to swim. 

Goal of the week: In the pool 3 times. 

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