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Week 3 – Mohican 50


Another good week of training. The winter has been grinding on in Indy this year. It is one of the coldest and snowiest January’s on record. This has meant a lot of treadmill miles for me lately. It is hard to get in quality runs when it is just really shitty outside. I don’t mind running in the cold but sometimes it is just too cold or too snow covered to get anything of quality out of the run…so I go to the treadmill.

Week 3

7 Runs
62 Miles 
2 workouts

Monday – 6 Miles
7:53 pace. Nice and easy recovery from the weekend.

Tuesday –  9 Miles
7:26 pace. Nice and easy run on the treadmill. Shirtless. In the living room. Big fan.

Wednesday – 7 Miles
7:34 pace. Easy run. Cut the distance a bit from lack of energy dealing with a head cold.

Thursday – 7.25 Miles
6:53 Pace

2 Mile warm up
2×2 miles 1st set: 6:25 down to 5:54. Last mile under 6 the whole time. 3 minute rest.
2nd set: 6:03 down to 5:48. Ran most of it sub 6 with the last 400 in 5:48.
1.25 mile cool down
Felt the burn. Still have a lot of work to get some speed endurance back. Happy with the effort.

Friday – 8 Miles
7:22 Pace. Easy run before Lindsey’s surgery

Saturday – 15 Miles 
7:23 Pace.

With Lindsey on the mend in Bloomington I took the treadmill during Marshall’s nap. I waited way too long between waking up, eating, and then finally running. I cracked real hard. I try to do most of my training on minimal fuel but I really made a mistake today. Not enough water either for temp in the basement.

Ran on the ProForm Boston Marathon treadmill that Lindsey’s parents have so that is always fun. That course is a grind. It was a good run until I bonked.

This treadmill is legit. 
Sunday – 10 Miles
7:36 Pace. Easy run. Took it easy today after yesterday’s harder hill effort.

Overall, another good week. I have not had a day off in a while and I don’t really feel the need at this point. I am not trying to run streak or anything but if I need to run slow I do. Just running at this point. Maybe I will need rest days when I ramp up the intensity but right now I feel good. 

I’ll probably add one or two secondary runs to my load this week… probably one really so that I am at 8 runs. I am working on getting to 12 runs or so a week. Mileage will stay around 65 for the time being…maybe creep toward 70.

Naturally being in Bloomington, we’re required to go to both Soma & Laughing Planet.
So I started talking about the treadmill at the start of the run. People seem to hate the treadmill on the internet. I don’t get it. The treadmill can really be an effective tool when needed. Yes I would love to run outside all the time but sometimes the weather or whatever doesn’t allow. Get over it.

What do you think about the treadmill? 
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