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Athlete Profile: Meet Jake!

You have to meet Jake. 
Jake, our first Out for a Run Athlete. Jake, who is about to complete Muncie 70.3. The beer lover, Meghan lover, triathlon lover and ex football player, Jake. 

Glenn started coaching Jake back in February. When he came to Glenn, he had an idea and intentions to race Muncie 70.3. He always wanted to put in the work but was ready for a detailed route to get him there. 

Since he started training, he’s ran a half marathon PR, lost a good amount of weight, gone from biking 15 miles a week to 100 miles a week, has increased his swim distance by over double, completed the 100 mile Tour De Cure ride in June (big pre-race goal), has gone from 10 min miles to 9:30 miles, increased his long bike ride speed from 13.5 to 16.5, and… do we need to go on? 

AND he is going to dominate Muncie 70.3, crossing the finish line with absolutely no man tears. Well, we can’t really guarentee that, but we’ll get the dirt from his fiance Meghan.

I have been able to get to know Jake through- 

1. Twiiter. Oh my gosh, do I have to talk about how much I love social media? I knew this guy before I ever even met him. 

2. Bike Riding. I rode 50 miles with Jake shortly after I signed up for Muncie 70.3.  We both had anxiety dreams the night before. Who wouldn’t the night before a long ride with someone you’ve never met? I was like lost in my own backyard or something like that in my dream. 

The ride was nothing but lot’s of talking and nothing awkward at all. Good job us. I’ve rode with him a couple of times since then and although one time, I thought I talked too much, and was afraid he’d never ride with me again…. I think he is still ok with being friends. 

I can’t wait to see what he does on race day and am excited to share the Muncie experience with him.

Learn more about Jake:

Why did you start Running: 

After I played my last football game at Wabash College in 2006, I let myself go. I spent the next two years partying while living in Chicago and quickly added at least 30 lbs to an offensive lineman frame that was used to carrying 285lb.

In the September of 2007, I moved from Chicago to Brisbane (Australia) for work. Living in the tropical heat (yes, worse than Indiana summers), I realized it was time for a change. I knew that I would be flying back to the US for eight weeks in the summer of 2008 and I wanted to be in better shape for the four weddings that I would be attending. So, I found out that Culver was hosting a Sprint Triathlon, signed up for it, and began training while in Australia. I landed in the US on a Thursday and completed the Sprint tri in 1:25 on Saturday. The next challenge was the Mini Marathon in 2010 and I have been hooked since then.

Why did you sign up for Muncie 70.3:

Last fall, I completed the Indianapolis Half-Marathon and started thinking hard about what it would be like to complete an Ironman. After a few sessions on the bike trainer in the basement while watching coverage of the last few Ironman World Championships at Kona, I decided I wanted to see if I could do it Since I am a former offensive lineman who had surgery on a foot and a knee in College, I wanted to see how my body would handle 70.3 miles before setting my sights on 140.6 in the future. Since Muncie is the closest Ironman sanctioned 70.3 to Indianapolis, I signed up for it despite it being July in Indiana.

Why do you Tri:

I like to think that I have ADD when it comes to endurance events. The thought of running multiple times per week for hours always worried me with boredom, so I thought having a mix of disciplines would help. Then I realized that for 70.3, you get to spend hours doing all of them. Backfire. My revised answer is because I have seen improvement in all three and want to see how fast I can get.

The Fun Stuff:

Fav post workout food: Beer.

5K PR: 28:30

Half marathon PR: 2:21

Fav Beer: Daisy Cutter by Half Acre

Fav band/music: Zac Brown Band

Fav Indy restaurant: Yat’s/20 Tap. I could eat every meal at the 54th/College restaurants and be happy.

Fav vacation: Road trip to Atlanta, Augusta, Athens, and Savannah, GA during the Masters in 2012.

Big plans other than Muncie 70.3 in your life: Marathon, Ultra Marathon, and Ironman are all on the 30 things in my 30’s bucket list. Also, I am getting married in the fall of 2014.

Long term goal run/tri wise:

Run: Bring 5k PR under 27:30, Half Marathon PR under 2:10 2:10

Tri: Sprint Tri PR under 1:10, Complete an Ironman

Anything else interesting? 

You can usually find me cheering on/running parts of marathon courses with my fiancé, Meghan.

Although you don’t need luck, we’ll say it anyway- Good Luck on Saturday Jake.  You are prepared, you are strong and you will succeed. 
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