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Ripple Effect Race Report

Historically the Ripple Effect has been held in Broad Ripple on Sunday Evening of Labor Day Weekend which means, at least for us, it is usually a no go.  This year, however, the race directors decided to change it to a Monday 8:30AM start and so having learned this fact on the Wednesday before I decided to go ahead and sign up. 
It worked out nicely as Monday’s workout, at least in terms of total time. The workout was going to be very similar to racing this 4 mile event and with the quick turn around from Saturday, which was a 20 Mile Block Progression run to Monday’s workout I thought a race environment would be more motivation to make sure I got up and did what I needed to do.

We were in Bloomington all weekend, checking out Lindsey’s parents new house and celebrating her birthday. We ended up getting home later than planned on Sunday night, so I ended up sleeping in a little too much Monday. Quick coffee, bathroom, race shoes, and I was out the door. I was going to use the 2 mile run up The Monon as a warm up. I ran into Gabe and Dan, who were also running, and finished out the warm up with about 5 minutes to grab my bib and head to the start. It was a low key event so the time crunch was not an issue.

For those who are familiar with Broad Ripple or the old Drumstick Dash course, The Ripple Effect started us on Compton right by the High School. No timing mat, just a spray painted line and a start sign. It was a chipped race…but just at the end so if you wanted an exact time you needed to be on the line. I lined up in front with about 15 other guys and one or two girls…I of course did a check “eye test” and I liked my chances for a good race. I knew a “W” was out of the question as I recognized John Poray (sub 5 racer) but thought I could go Top 5 if I raced well.

They yelled start and we were off. John and a young kid immediately take off running about 4:30 or so and I follow behind in about 5:10 with 6 other guys. By the time we hit Guilford (.25 miles in) we settled into a more reasonable pace of about 5:20 or so…fast but the first mile of these local races  seems to be quick.

By the time we dump out onto College, it is me and two other guys with two in front of us and then the leaders…so I was in 7thplace…which was fine with me. Before we knew it, we reeled in one of the guys off the front and hit the first mile in 5:23. We then continued north on College toward the river and Park Tudor. I knew when we got the river it would be a good chance to see what the group had, as you have to climb up a bit of a bridge and for a short Indy based race it is enough to jump the heart rate and create some burning. Sure enough as we climbed the bridge over the river, we dropped one of the group so now it was me and one other guy with three people in front of us. 
We continued north on College toward 75thand hit mile 2 in 5:41. As we headed back east on 75th toward the Monon, we were going slightly uphill again. It is nothing really but it is enough that your pace and breathing notices. Another chance to see if the guy to my right had it going today. I surge toward The Monon and turn south on Westfield and as I turn I give a slight look back and created a bit of gap…now I just need to hold it. I am alone in 4th.

I could see the guy in 3rdup the road by about 20 seconds or so and I was focused on him. Catch him, reel him in, bring him back. He looked to be laboring…but so did I am sure…so I thought I could reel him back the last 1.5 miles. I hit mile 3 in 5:41 again but the gap didn’t seem to be closing. Maybe it was a little but nothing that was noticeable. It didn’t look like it was going to happen today. I needed to hold on to 4th.

Remember that river we went over heading North? Well, we had to run over it again heading south this time. The incline on Westfield is not as noticeable as College but again it is enough to labor you. I get over it …by this point I am cramping and want to be done. I was tried from the week.

I make the slight left hand dogleg to continue on Westfield. I don’t sense anyone behind. I keep pushing. There’s the finishing chute.  
I hear Lindsey before I see her. She was screaming (shocker) because apparently the guy I dropped was kicking strong. I finally see Lindsey and head toward the finishing chute. Boom. It’s over. Mile 4 5:44.


Mile 1 – 5:23

Mile 2 – 5:41

Mile 3 – 5:41

Mile 4 – 5:44

Overall – 22:37

Place: 4th 
AG 30-34: 1st
Overall, I am happy with how the race went. I ran well and it was a great workout for the day. A lot better then suffering through K Repeats alone and who knows how they would have went considering the week I had just put in.  I am also very please to see consistent pacing, at least on the last 3 miles, those two 5k’s I ran earlier this year I felt like I struggled to keep a good pace toward the end so I happy to see consistency once I came back to reality from the first mile.

Family after the race
Einsteins post race. Give Marshall an apple and you rock his world.
I finished out the day with 5 miles later to make it 11 for the day and then proceeded to drink too much Monday Night at the Mumford & Sons concert. I may or may not have thrown up out of a car window on the drive home…this has yet to be confirmed J. You would think a 30 year old would know better. Nope.

Mumford Tailgating 

Mumford Concert
Anyway a good race and a great Labor Day weekend.

Questions: Do any Holiday races? Do you like Holiday races? I’m racing the Chicago Half this weekend, anyone else?

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