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Chicago Marathon – Week 2

Week 2 Done.
7 runs
69 miles
2 Quality Sessions: Speed & Steady State Long Run

Cycle #1 Done.
14 runs
125 miles
5 Quality Sessions

Well I’ve made it further into this Quality phase then I did with the Carmel Marathon in the spring….so that is a plus.  Also, that month off turned into three…but I’m back and getting ready to run a sub 2:45. No complaining here.

The week was fairly uneventful. Only two quality workouts this week, compared to the three last week.  With using a two week cycle for this marathon I essentially get 5 quality workouts in 14 days with 3 coming the first week and 2 coming the second week. I have studied and thought about using a two week cycle for a year or two now so I am excited to finally put it into action. So far so good.

The Speed workout was good. It was Wednesday with the group. Sean came out and ran the repeats with me. Read about it here.

The other quality run was a 16 mile steady state run with Collin, and Mike for the first 5, on Saturday up and down the Monon. The Fam went up to CP for the 4th so I was up in the air about being back in town for the workout but we decided to head home Friday night at Marshall’s bed time so I was able to run with Collin on Saturday. I’m glad that I did. Collin is a heck of a runner, he recently ran a 2:51 marathon @ Cleveland this May so he provides a great training partner.

I like to do a lot of my workouts alone but sometimes it is good to have someone there. I needed that on Saturday. I wasn’t really feeling it but the run ended up being pretty good. No fuel. Even paces. Light rain. Solid run. Ran 6:27 per mile…which was a little quick on the pace but the splits were even so I am not going to complain. It was a good workout but I am for sure looking forward to an “easier” long run this coming weekend after two tough sessions in this cycle.

I ended up not taking any rest days last week. Depending on how I am feeling I usually take a rest day every 7-10 days. I felt good last week so I didn’t take any days off. Over the last couple of weeks…the rest day has been coming closer to 10 then 7. That should work out to about one rest day per cycle. I think I can handle that…and if I need another rest day I have no problem taking it. Rest is just as important as training. Speaking of rest days….I am now ready for a rest day.

Today kicked off Cycle #2, Week 3 and it was a tough workout. It was the 10th day in a row and I am ready to rest tomorrow. Ready.

This coming cycle is more of the same. Lots of running. Doing work and getting fast. Lindsey has her 70.3 this weekend…so I’ll be on coach/sherpa/psychologist/husband duty this week and weekend. She’ll do great! She is ready! I just need to figure out the long run. My long run is supposed to be on Sunday but I’ll have Bub all day so I might flip the weekend and do the long run on the Muncie course while Lindsey is riding…it will be a lot easier then trying to coordinate 16-18 miles on Sunday with Marsh. We’ll see.

Late Edit: Pearl Jam announced a tour today!!!! Who’s going? I am thinking about Baltimore right now…or maybe one of the Philly shows. Or Charlottesville. I’m not sure. Nothing is super close. The Pitt show is closest but bad timing with the race. Either way I am going to a show. Not sure if Lindsey will want to go or not…anybody interested? Only if you are not a creep though.

Question: How often do you take rest days? Are they scheduled or taken when needed? What do you think about the PJ tour dates

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