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Chicago Marathon Training Update – Weeks 9,10, & 11

I’m kind of behind training logs so here goes. I’ve been running a lot lately. I got some new shoes. 32 days to go.

Week 9

70 Miles
9 Runs
3 Quality Workouts including 1 race

After a couple of weeks of playing it safe with my hamstring I felt like I was ready to take it up a bit in week 9.

Monday – Wave Tempo. I love this workout. It is a newer workout for me. I had heard of them before but had never used them myself. You start off thinking it is going to be no big deal then those AT pace miles start to hit and you start to work. A great workout. Workout was 10 mile totals with 7 wave alternating between 6:22 & 5:52.

Tuesday – Easy 11

Wednesday – Easy 12

Thursday – Carmel Road Racing Group 5K. I was happy with how this race went. I was able to take 10 seconds off my time. You can read about it here. Total miles for the day was 10. I would say the highight was hanging with everybody after the race. The people you meet through running are great!

The Crew.

Friday – Easy 10

Saturday – 16 miles descending pace fast finish. Great workout with Sean and Collin. Sean about killed me. He was on…I was not. It was a great run. If you want to excel at the marathon you need to learn to get comfortable with running hard while fatigued.  We covered the last 6 in 6:24, 6:08, 6:06, 5:46, 6:00, and 5:50.
Sunday – Rest Day

Week 10

79 Miles
9 Runs
2 Quality Workouts
1 Pair of New Shoes

Can you tell that I am excited about my new shoes? I ordered these shoes during Week 9 but had some drama with the delivery so they would not arrive until the middle of week 10. The Mizuno Wave Sayonara was worth the wait. I am a big fan. It was definetly the running highlight of the week.

Monday – 13 Easy

Tuesday – 10 Easy

Wednesday – Morning speed work with the group. The workout was 6×1 mile repeats with 60-90 second jog in between. The combined temp and dew point of 147 which made for a great workout. Happy with the workout given the conditions. Normally I’d like to run 5:30 – 5:35…but adjustments need to be made sometimes.

Workout splits below 

1 – 5:35 2 – 5:37 3 – 5:42 4 – 5:42 5 – 5:45 6 – 5:50

Easy run in the afternoon for 4. Total miles around 12

Thursday – 8 Easy. First run in the Sayonaras. Toe box felt kind of big.

Friday – 8 Easy – 2nd run in Sayonaras. Don’t notice the toe box as much…if at all.

Saturday – Block Progression Run. It was hot out. Started later in the day so I could see some of Lindsey’s race. The dew point temp was about 144 @ the start and 148/149 at the end. Fun. Fun. I keep telling myself it makes me stronger….if I keep saying it maybe I will believe it.

The basic run was 4 blocks of 5 at even paces with each block getting faster. I worked on sipping gel today as the effort called for it. I am happy with how I felt. As you can see the elements started to bite at me towards the end. I would have liked it to be in the 6:20 range but I kind of blew up the last two. Train hard. Recover harder.

Average Block – 6:49 
Average Block – 6:40 
Average Block – 6:31 
Average Block – 6:28

Overall happy with where I am and how I felt despite the slower paces at the end…sometimes you have to adjust to the weather.
Sunday – 9 Easy around the hills of Bloomington. Sold on the shoe by now.
My new running shoe. I will race Chicago in them.
Week 11 – Chicago Half Marathon Race Week
I already blogged about the race so I won’t really bring it up again too much. I didn’t really taper this week for the race outside of taking two rest days. I needed one of those any way.
8 Runs
57 Miles 
2 Quality runs (both races)
Monday – Raced The Ripple Effect in Broad Ripple in place of a workout. I was happy with the run and effort. Took 4th Overall and 1st in my AG. Ran even splits the last three miles. Total milage 11.
Tuesday – Rest 
Wednesday – 16 miles easy. No Speed work for me but I ran to meet the group and did Katy’s workout with her. Also ran later.
Thursday – 8 Easy
Friday – 9 Easy with Sean…probably a little faster then we should have ran. About 6:40.
Saturday – Travel day to Chicago. Rest.
Sunday – The Chicago Half Marathon. A spectacular bonk and poorly ran race. 
Really, the weekend home was not all bad. I got to spend some quality time with my family…which was awesome. My parents gave Lindsey and I our anniversery present and I scored some sweet beer. Overall, a pretty good weekend.

BeerHaul. DogFish. Firestone Walker. Revolution. Firestone Walker. Half Acre

Blanket made from our t-shirts- races, jobs Marshall stuff, etc. 

Two weeks to go of hard training and then it is taper time. I am feeling good about where I am at. Here’s to hoping for good weather and fast feet.

Questions: How is your training going? What races are you getting ready for? We love to hear about others chasing goals!

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