Work With Me

Running Down the Week!

Glenn has had a long two weeks at work these past two weeks, which means I’ve had a long two weeks at home. He had to go into work yesterday to prep for a big meeting today, so the boys and I came down to Bloomington. I was glad we did because apparently he didn’t … more »

Speed wasn’t there Today!

We’re back to the grind!  I hope you are all enjoying the first post Christmas/New Years Monday. Glenn’s been working a little bit these past two weeks, but not much at all, so this will be first full week of just me being home with the boys. As Glenn was heading out the door later … more »

Excuses are almost always GARBAGE.

People love to make excuses to not workout. The most common excuse has to be: “I don’t have time. That is the worst excuse ever. The absolute worst. I’ll go ahead and call my younger sister out – she is the queen of excuses and she knows it. It’s not usually “I don’t have time” it’s that … more »