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Running Down the Week!

Glenn has had a long two weeks at work these past two weeks, which means I’ve had a long two weeks at home. He had to go into work yesterday to prep for a big meeting today, so the boys and I came down to Bloomington. I was glad we did because apparently he didn’t get home until 8pm last night. Ain’t nobody got time to solo parent on a Sunday. Lot’s of solo bedtimes and baths last week.

On Friday, we did get our first babysitter for a night out since Russ was born! We’ve both been out separately but not out together and left all three boys at home. We checked out Tinker Street and Livery. Got appetizer and drinks at both. Both very good but I think I’d got back to Livery again first. Food was equally as good at Tinker, but they are only beer & wine and I really liked sitting at the bar at Livery.

I just started the week with a nice and easy 8 mile run here in on the hills of Bloomington and and trying to decide when we’ll head home. Nobody sleeps good here (except Russ- he slept like a champ last night) Big Lou, however wasn’t in bed until 9pm and was up at 5am. That is 5-6 less hours of sleep than his normally “I love sleep” self gets. PLUS he never napped yesterday, so he’s about as pleasant as a 2 year old on that lack of sleep can be, but he’s still a loose cannon.

Here’s what the past week in workouts looked like:

Monday: Rest Day – Rainy Day Home with the Boys.

Tuesday: 8 Mi Total with 5K Time Trial on Treadmill (21:11 for the 5K- 6:56, 6:49, 6:44 down to 6:15) Looking back I started this workout too slow, but I was worried I wouldn’t be able to hang on if I went out faster. I had it in my to break 21 but set it up a little too slow. Next time! (re-checking my fitness with this every other week!)

Wednesday: 6 Mi Easy on the Monon

Thursday: 1000 Swim – super tired today

Friday: 13.1 Mi on the Treadmill. It was windy out and I really just wanted to read my kindle and zone out listening to podcasts so treadmill made sense.

Saturday: 7 Mi on rolling hills – Treadmill -3.0 up to 5.5 incline throughout the run

Sunday: 3 Mi Easy + 500 swim

Total Mileage: 37 Mi + 1,500 Swim

On another note, I’m looking into getting a babysitter on the regular once a week, because the work from home, stay at home mom thing is getting to be a little tough. I’m able to get done what I need to get done each week, but I’m not left with any time to get more creative and dive deeper into things I want to do with the podcast.

More than finding the time when the craziness of the boys settle, (naptime, after workouts at the y, after bedtime) it’s that when there is time, I want to put my feet up and not think and my brain feels like mush, so the productivity is so low that it’s not even worth it at that time.

Now I just need to decide what day of the week to find someone to watch the boys! Wednesdays perhaps?!

OH and look- here I am quoted in a Runner’s World article about running and pregnancy! Thanks Teal for including me in your write up! 🙂

Are you guys all caught up on last weeks podcast with Mary Katharine Ham? It’s a good one! We talk about her career in political journalism, what it’s like being a regular contributor on the national news,  (she currently works for CNN) and we also talk about the tragic loss of her husband in 2015 when he lost his life in a bike accident while she was 7 months pregnant. She talks about how she held on to the possibility of a happy life even though she was walking through a horrific situation. She is one strong momma for her two little girls and I was honored to have the privilege of talking with her about everything.

Listen to the episode HERE – and while you’re at it- share it with a friend! 🙂 

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