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Excuses are almost always GARBAGE.

People love to make excuses to not workout. The most common excuse has to be: “I don’t have time. That is the worst excuse ever. The absolute worst.

I’ll go ahead and call my younger sister out – she is the queen of excuses and she knows it. It’s not usually “I don’t have time” it’s that “I’m lazy, I don’t want to”. Ok, well at least she’s honest.


She says she doesn’t believe in endorphins. I don’t buy it.

I realize that coming from a  “stay at home mom” (I really don’t prefer that title but don’t know why else to call it) there could be some eye rolls shooting in my direction. “Girl you have all the time in the world, you have no idea.”  But I do know. (rest assured people, I have things that fill my time outside of being HOME with my 2 yr old) but I do know that we can all make plenty of excuses. MOST of the time,  they are usually garbage. Today I had 50 minutes between dropping Marshall off and having to be at my next destination. It was the only time that made sense to squeeze anything in and it would only take me 10 minutes to get to where I was going. So I parked my car and got out and ran for 30 minutes. I made it work and my day was better because of it. I ALWAYS have an extra pair of clothes with me. Change the clothes quickly, wipe off with a towel, put on deodorant, through some bronzer and lip stuff on – boom done. Would I have preferred a shower? Yes, but wasn’t gonna work out.

And this is what I have to say if your excuse happens to be I don’ have time: Freaking make time. If someone tells me they don’t have time, I will tell them-30 minutes is not a whole lot of time and if you can’t find that in your day I want a play by play of everything you did today.

What you will get from that 30 minutes of exercise- MORE ENERGY to do what you are so busy doing that you don’t have time. You will be more efficient with the your time and you will feel better. You will be happier, kinder and stronger.

My Best Friend Sarah, is a great example. She is also the person responsible for my obsession with running. I’m sure it would have found me later in life at some point, but she’s the person who convinced me to run cross country in high school. She’s been extremely busy with work lately and recently took an unplanned break just to run -something she NEVER does.  She came back refreshed, energized and ready to tackle what she was stuck on. I’m hoping the run bug sticks with her. She has been on a one year hiatus and of course I’m advocating it’s return.


With Best Friend Sarah on her 30th birthday.

So just stop making excuses. I don’t want to hear them. I know your probably busy. Everyone likes to talk about how busy they are. If you aren’t taking care of your mental or physical health though, it doesn’t really matter. 

That’s just one of the things I LOVE to so much about getting to coach runners. I’m able to hold people accountable – it’s a lot harder to make excuses when you know someone is working hard to create a plan for you and going to be checking in along the way. Don’t give us your excuses, unless of course they are seriously legit and maybe we’ll cut some slack… 🙂


No excuses here. Get the work done & then accomplish more than you ever imagined you could. 

What’s your excuse? 

How will you push the excuses aside? 

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