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Episode 104: Allie Kieffer

I’m so excited to have returning guest Allie Kieffer on the show today! Allie was on the show right after her 5th place finish at the New York City Marathon this past fall and so much has happened since then. Like most of you, I’ve been wondering what she’s up to and what’s next for … more »

Don’t be an idiot- Give it a rest.

I took a week off running last week because my left hip has been bothering me for about two weeks. Something has been tight and pulls when I stretch it. When I was running when my left foot hit and pushed off the ground it pinched a little. It was never super painful, but very … more »

Glenn Training Update

Week 12 – Glenn Monumental Training 75.4 Miles 9 runs 2 workouts Going into the week, I was really only focused on 2 runs: Wednesday’s mile repeats and Saturday’s long run with MRP miles…with really the focus being Saturday. It was  going be another 20 miles with my first set of marathon race pace. Up until … more »

Dreaming of Running Hard

I’m always dreaming of running hard in 2015. Not like in my sleep dreaming but just everyday when I’m out for a run or doing whatever. Or when I see other people run hard. When I ask Glenn about his workouts. When he tells me he saw some chicks doing work at 5:30am on the monon. … more »

Indy Women’s Fall Training Program Kick Off!

Last night was the first night of the CRRG Indy Women’s Fall Training Program! We had both old and new participants come out and some of the ladies from last season (Jana & Christina) brought red shades for everyone. So fun. I know someone who rocks red shades on the regular….. Of course- thank you … more »

Indianapolis Monumental Mile

I ran the inaugural Indianapolis Monumental Mile last Thursday. It hurt. A lot. Its only a mile but it can inflict a lot of pain. I ran 4:54. It was an awesome event with a great setup. The course ran from 12th and Meridian straight south and you finished on Monument Circle where bands, beer … more »

Mohican Training Update

We are getting close. Three weekends away! Today is the last day of May. I did the DINO 15k (I highly doubt it was a 15K. I had it at about 8.7…but whatever) down in Brown County to round out the month. Depending on who was racing I thought I might have shot at grabbing … more »

You can’t fake a marathon!

On Sunday morning I did my taper “long run” for Boston. I ran 10.5 miles in Bloomington, didn’t wear a watch, just ran easy. It was a beautiful morning and my legs felt fine, just a little tired from last weeks half marathon/20 miles. I normally do a standard 20, 15, 10 taper for long … more »

Being content where you are.

Today I woke up wanting to run. Most days it takes a good 2 hours before I even want to think about running. I’m not the best morning person. Today I was feeling motivated and encouraged, which was good news because yesterday I was in a funk the first part of the day and sat … more »

Go-To Playlist

I just feel like I need to share my go to playlist these days.  I ran a sluggish 60 minutes today on the treadmill. It was so nice outside that it was probably a sin to run indoors, but we had house stuff going on (it’s officially gonna be on the market tomorrow… eek!) and … more »