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Indianapolis Monumental Mile

I ran the inaugural Indianapolis Monumental Mile last Thursday. It hurt. A lot. Its only a mile but it can inflict a lot of pain. I ran 4:54. It was an awesome event with a great setup. The course ran from 12th and Meridian straight south and you finished on Monument Circle where bands, beer and food trucks waited. A great new event to add to our city- nice job to the Monumental Marathon, they did a great job with it.

It was a great way to kick off my tapering process for Mohican that is now about 10 days away.

The last 100 meters. Scott Fihma (Sp?) and I pain facing it in.

The last 100 meters. Scott Fihma (Sp?) and I pain facing it in.

It felt pretty good to be able to run sub 5 coming off my biggest block of Mohican training. Now its time to get right for Mohican and figure out how the heck you pace and run 50 miles. How all that is going to happen I’m still not sure.

Do this event next year if you are in the Indy area. It was awesome. 


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