Work With Me

Episode 258: Ashley Keller, Glow Body PT

Ashley Keller is a personal trainer with Glow Body PT, providing challenging and gentle prenatal and post natal workouts for women. She did a ton of research on her own and after becoming a certified personal trainer and pre and postnatal exercise specialist, she tested workouts on herself before designing plans for others. Make sure … more »

Episode 222: Malindi Elmore

Malindi Elmore just broke the Canadian record in the marathon, running a 2:24:50 and placing 3rd at the Chevron Houston Marathon last weekend! Malindi has a long history in sport with a unique story of getting to the marathon. She ran for Stanford in College under coach Dena Evans (who has been on this podcast!) … more »

Indy Mini Race

I was super pleased with my first race back post Louis. I was thinking I’d run between 1:40-1:45 based on what I’ve been running. I secretly had in my head that I’d like to break 1:40, but thought it was a long shot. I had to stop at the porta-potties around mile 2. Didn’t really want … more »

First Week Running Post Baby

Louis will be 7 weeks on Thursday, which means, I’ve been running since…. last Thursday!  I started with 3 miles at 10 minute pace on the treadmill with some Pandora Taylor Swift. I did my lunge matrix before and post run stretching after. Whew I felt like a sloth.  Then I did two push-ups, three … more »

Post Baby Base Build

Today I’m three weeks postpartum. I don’t know if that’s one word, two words or two words with a dash between. And I’m too lazy to look it up. So one word it is. Physically and emotionally I feel 10,000 times better than right after I had Marshall. I knew that c-section recovery was more intense than a … more »