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First Week Running Post Baby

Louis will be 7 weeks on Thursday, which means, I’ve been running since…. last Thursday! 

I started with 3 miles at 10 minute pace on the treadmill with some Pandora Taylor Swift. I did my lunge matrix before and post run stretching after. Whew I felt like a sloth.  Then I did two push-ups, three planks and some crunches. Friday morning I woke up so sore. I knew I would. I took that 6 week  exercise restrcition for real….  I milked it because I knew once I was back at it— I’d be back at it full force because that’s my nature. (not hard workouts, just consistency)

I went back to the gym on Friday and did another 3 mile run- took Saturday off and ran 45 minutes (4.75 Mi) on Sunday and 3 miles Monday and Tuesday. 

Today I rode the bike 40 minutes, because my legs are tired and I just didn’t feel like running. Each run has felt pretty hard and I expect that for the next month. It’s not fatigued hard, it’s holy shit, you just had a baby and haven’t ran in 6 weeks hard.

I’m not one to care about weight, more how my body feels. I only weigh myself at doctors appointments or when we go to Crown Point because Glenn’s parents have a scale at their house. I do know when I got pregnant, I was somewhere a little under 120 and I was up to 140 at the end of my pregnancy. Based on my Doc appointment last week I was 128, so 10 lbs from my start weight… and naturally my body feels it. I feel heavy. And floppy. And like I look about 16 weeks pregnant. I’m not saying this to complain, just being honest in that I feel uncomfortable and not like myself. I only have like three tank tops that I feel even a little bit comfortable in at the gym because they are loose in the middle. I know it will get better, but I feel like an out of shape mess. Not like a girl who wants to run a 3 hour marathon.

I had Marshall in June and was out on the monon doing 3-5 mile walks almost daily in those first 6 weeks. It was SUMMER. Obviously with the weather we’ve had, I haven’t done that during the post 6 weeks with Louis. So, I feel like I’m a few steps behind this time.

Glenn mentioned in his last post, he’s started planting some ambitious seeds for time goals in my head for my fall marathon. It’s a little more aggressive than what I’m comfortable saying I’m aiming for right now, but I’m going to see how training goes and make those specific time goals as time goes on. I know I’m capable with the right training and the right mental attitude at the right time.

CHEERS to another week and feeling a little stronger. 🙂

Oh and I don’t have a picture for this post- so I’ll leave you with my boys. “I hold my brother” 24.7 out of Marshall.

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