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Episode 258: Ashley Keller, Glow Body PT

Ashley Keller is a personal trainer with Glow Body PT, providing challenging and gentle prenatal and post natal workouts for women. She did a ton of research on her own and after becoming a certified personal trainer and pre and postnatal exercise specialist, she tested workouts on herself before designing plans for others. Make sure you check out her youtube channel for her exercise videoswhere she has over 51k subscribers!

Ashley’s story goes so much beyond personal training though. The things this woman has been through will blow your mind. She went to West Point and served in the Army where she was deployed to Afghanistan. She is a Military spouse now and has been through 8 deployments. She is the mother of 3 and super passionate about helping other Mom’s reach their potential in a healthy and progressive way.  Ashley is also a World Champion Half Ironman Triathlete, she got her pro card out of college and shares a little bit about that with us. Ashley is humble and driven and I can’t wait for you to hear her story!

Show Notes:

Glow Body PT

Becoming Mom Strong – Heidi St. John 

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