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Indy Mini Race

I was super pleased with my first race back post Louis. I was thinking I’d run between 1:40-1:45 based on what I’ve been running. I secretly had in my head that I’d like to break 1:40, but thought it was a long shot.

I had to stop at the porta-potties around mile 2. Didn’t really want to, but had to. Lost around 45 seconds at the stop, so not too bad.

Glenn’s parents came down to watch the boys so he was able to run with me. We were chatting it up until the track when I decided I’d work for it. I wasn’t wearing a watch, but Glenn told me I was somewhere around 7:05 at mile 7 so I decided to back off just a bit for that mile. My legs felt tired and I wanted to be able to finish strong. He told me I’d have to negative split by 2 minutes if I wanted to break 1:40. I knew that would be a stretch.

At that point I realized I didn’t bring any gels. haha didn’t event think to. I haven’t used a gel in a long time- my longest run before this race was 11 miles, so I haven’t really needed any. I tell Glenn and he responds with “Don’t worry I blessed you and brought a couple.” Of course he did.

We got off the track and I knew I needed to work if I wanted to break it. I kept the whole “you can do anything for 4 miles” thing in my head, as well as thought about the fact that I’ve worked much harder in workouts in other training cycles than I was working right then. Then I thought about my fall marathon and how I’m gonna be hurting a lot more than I was right now for the last 10K of the marathon and I better just suck it up and finish because I’m no wimp.

I had some mental battles at mile 9-thought I could just come in at 8 minute miles and call it a day. But we hit 10 and I thought, Ok under three miles let’s just go. The last three miles ticked off pretty quick and we were down the homestretch on New York. My thoughts in those last three miles were just get to the next mile and hang tight. I knew I’d be able to work hard for the last mile no matter what so just get me to mile 12 and go. I took a peanut butter gel around 11.5 Miles. It was good.

Below are my splits. 

Mile 1- 8:05

Mile 2- 8:18

Mile 3- 7:33

Mile 4- 7:30

Mile 5- 7:27

Mile 6- 7:29

Mile 7 – 7:23

Mile 8- 7:07

Mile 9- 7:08

Mile 10- 7:15

Mile 11- 7:08

Mile 12- 7:01

Mile 13- 6:44

Mile .32 – 2:04

Time: 1:38:19

Congratulations everyone who ran this weekend! I really do love the Indy Mini- it’s just a fun day in our city and who cares if there are big crowds. That’s more fun. 🙂

I really like not running with a watch- I could predict pretty well what pace I was running and only asked Glenn about pace a couple of times.  Up next Dances with Dirt relay for fun with some ladies this weekend!


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