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I’ll Have Another Episode 18: Hollie Sick

I’ll Have Another Episode 18: Hollie Sick   In this Episode, Hollie and I talk about her life and growing up moving around with her family as her Dad was in the Military. She is now married to a Military Man, who is in the Air Force! We talk about her goals with running- what her … more »

Now Foods Experience + Giveaway!

Sponsored by FitFluential on behalf of NOW Foods. Opinions are my own. I had an amazing opportunity to go over to the Now Foods headquarters and check out their facility with Fitfluential. I’ve actually never gone to any kind of blogging conference or anything like that and it was a little foreign to me. The … more »

Second Trimester Dreaming

Every time I’m through the first trimester I start dreaming of running fast again. I’m usually so tired and blobby feeling the first 14 weeks, and when I start feeling better, I start thinking about getting back in shape. It’s so far away and so close all at the same time. And for anyone wondering- … more »

PODCAST Name Reveal!

COMING THIS APRIL!   “I’ll Have Another” Podcast with Lindsey Hein is a place for conversations that leave you feeling inspired and refreshed. During each episode, I talk with different friends, athletes, entrepreneurs, non-profit and business leaders. These are people I find motivating and inspiring. I believe you will too. We talk about current events in our lives as … more »

Duo MP3 Review + Podcast Update

Hi guys! I’ve been quiet as a mouse on this little blog- spending most of my free time getting ready to launch the podcast. I’ve recorded 7 episodes now and and so very close to launching. I’m going to do a big name reveal and giveaway on instagram this week, so make sure you’re following … more »

Some Favs

Hi! Sunday night, Sunday night. You all have a tall glass of wine by now right? It is 7pm. I’m sitting here thinking about how I should work on some podcast editing, but really all I want to do is watch Better Call Saul. I basically have two weeks to get my episodes edited and ready to roll … more »


I’m here to tell you WHY I LOVE the 500 Festival Mini Marathon. I ran this race for the first time in 2005. It was my very first half marathon. My mom, dad and one of my sisters did it too. My sisters and I actually just recorded my third podcast episode and we discuss the … more »

Run Slow, Race Fast

I’m hear to tell you not being scared to run “slow” on your easy and recovery days is the way to go. I want to highlight a specific athlete: Ashley Barnish. I’ve been coaching her on and off for three years. THREE YEARS? Wow. She was one of the first people we ever coached and is … more »

Two Things I’m looking forward to.

I sat down this morning to sketch out some of my plan for Grandma’s Marathon. In doing the planning, I usually start with long runs and count back to where I need to be when. I felt a sigh of relief realizing that Grandma’s is 19 weeks away. Hot damn, that’s a lot of weeks … more »

Three thing I’m Loving AGAIN!

I had a good response from my three things I’m loving post last Friday, so I thought I’d bring it back! 1. New Lucy Apparel at Athletic Annex. It’s so much better when you try it on. I will have those pants in my closet. For the record- I tried these on to use for Athletic Annex social … more »