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Hi! Sunday night, Sunday night. You all have a tall glass of wine by now right? It is 7pm. I’m sitting here thinking about how I should work on some podcast editing, but really all I want to do is watch Better Call Saul. I basically have two weeks to get my episodes edited and ready to roll out! And that means I also have to make sure I know how exactly to roll out. I’m overcomplicating it for sure. I think what I want is a vacation, but a vacation where I work with no kid interruptions. And also I need someone who is really good at the tech side of podcasting to attend this vacation and attend to my every question or concern.

Speaking of those kids though…..

ANYWAY- I haven’t done a favorites post in awhile, but today I have some goodies that I’ve been loving. 

1. Dad is Fat – Jim Gaffigan

You know I love all of the books written by comedians. By far my most favorite kind of book. I’m finding this particularly interesting because he talks a lot about his kids and how obnoxious that season of life is.

He opens the books with a story about a friend who had a baby before he himself had any kids and how insane everything this friend and his wife did on a trip they took together with said bab. Everything revolved around the baby napping. It’s funny looking back, because that’s what you do when you have your first kid. Don’t get me wrong, nap time is still my sacred time and I’ll do just about anything to secure a nap but there are a lot of days when the second kid around here has to just role with the punches and that means no nap multiple days a week.


2. Saucony Swift Long Sleeve Shirt

I got this shirt last summer and it is my go-to every time it’s clean, I wear it shirt. I tweeted about it the other day, but it’s on major sale. And I figured I should keep you in the know- it still is! Originally $58, it’s on sale for $35. It comfortable, it’s cute and you can wear it with jeans or tights. I wear it with tights because, well I don’t really wear jeans. Why on earth would you chose to wear jeans when you can just wear tights. It’s beyond me.


3. Slim Clip

When I run outside, I almost always run with my phone- usually for music, a podcast and ok maybe a picture. I’m not above adding that in. I’m ok if you make fun of me for it too. You’re all liars if you say that’s not a reason. Ok, some of you don’t care, but I bet at least 50% do sometimes!

I’ve struggled to find something that doesn’t flop around or isn’t too big for my arm. I know they sell the arm bands for your iphone- but they are huge! I don’t have tiny arms, but any that I have tried are still too big for what I consider a somewhat normal sized arm.

You slip your phone into the SlimClip just like it’s your case for your phone and you slip it right on the side of your pants where the waist band is.

I wasn’t sure how I would like this or if it would bounce around, but it stayed right in place. It’s especially perfect for an easy long run. I don’t like to wear belts and I don’t like to hold my phone, but I want it with me. For awhile there I was just tucking my phone into the side of my pants, but that only works if they are tight enough. So basically only in the winter when I’m running in tights. My running shorts aren’t tight enough around the waste for it that.

Glenn is also digging it. He wore it the past two weekends for a 16 miler and an 18miler and liked it for both. His only complaint was he had a little bit of chaffing the first time he used it. Body Glide does the trick though. I didn’t have the chaffing issue when I wore it because I had it tucked into my rights and I had a tank top tucked in that it was over so no direct skin contact.

If you’re interested in purchasing- use THIS LINK and coupon code lindseyhein for a 15% discount. 


Happy Sunday Night- I hope everyone is feeling good and ready to conquer the week ahead. I myself am feeling a tiny bit overwhelmed and tired, but really that’s ok. It won’t feel like this all week I’m sure!

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