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Two Things I’m looking forward to.

I sat down this morning to sketch out some of my plan for Grandma’s Marathon. In doing the planning, I usually start with long runs and count back to where I need to be when. I felt a sigh of relief realizing that Grandma’s is 19 weeks away. Hot damn, that’s a lot of weeks to get fit. I’ve hit 13 miles for my longest run since the epic foot injury in August. As I as looking at these next few weeks, I realized I don’t need to build up from that 13 for a at least a few more weeks, which took some pressure off of feeling like I need to run real long for the next 19 Fridays or Saturdays or whatever ends up working.

So I’m going to sit here around 10-13 miles for my long runs depending how I feel and bump of to 15 in three or four weeks. No reason to get burnt out… for no well, no reason.

I hit 28 running miles last week, which is close to what I did the week before. I should hit 30ish this week. I had a pretty great long run where I did a 5 mile pick up toward the end, that I felt pretty strong doing. The pick up was gradual and it wasn’t too fast, but I felt stronger than I had been throughout the whole run in general. I also started serial, season 2 podcast- I like it but I thinks we can all agree…. it’s just not season 1!

We headed out to the Groundhog 7 on Sunday as a family, plus my sister (who is 11 weeks post baby and ran 7 miles like no big deal) it’s a free race that Indy Runner’s puts on, you just bring a canned good to be donated. Lot’s of people at this race- I’d say 600. I figured we’d just run 9 minute miles, but after 2 miles of that, we got ansy and just wanted to get on with it so we slowly sped up. It was really nice out temperature wise but also really windy, which Glenn was pushing the double- so multiple the wind for him. We ended up finishing sort of fast (7 min/miles) and my legs were feeling tired after Friday’s longer run. This getting in shape thing takes work. 🙂


Here is what the week is supposed to look like this week, based on my sketch out this morning:

Monday: Bike Trainer at home 45 Min + 30 Min Yoga at home (I use the Yoga Studio App)

Tuesday: 7 Mi (or 60 min) easy run

Wednesday: 45 Min run with 30 at tempo (I’m guessing tempo will be somewhere around 7:05 pace right now- and I will very much ease into that)

Thursday: Swim 1500 + 45 Min Bike Trainer at home

Friday: 10-12 Mi Run Easy

Saturday: 2,000 yard swim

Sunday: Rest or something easy.

I’m into trying to knock out my longer runs on Friday’s when I can.  When Glenn and I are both trying to run long on Saturday mornings it ends up getting annoying and someone (usually me) get’s grumpy. This Saturday was so great because I knocked out my 13 Mi on Friday and leisurely went to the Y and took my sweet little time swimming lot’s of yards.

Today, I had a really cute, sweet, partner for my bike ride. In typical stay at home mom fashion, I dropped off Marshall at pre school, Lou and I headed home, I promptly turned on the Today Show, did some laundry, threw Lou in pack and play with toys, got on the bike, and read my Mindy Kaling book during commercials. Big Lou chilled the whole time and was ready for a nap when I finished up.

He be chillin’.


Two things I’m looking forward to:

  • We bought Jason Isbell tickets for next Friday at the Murat! Yay! Must find babysitter now.
  • Starting my podast. I’m not trying to be secretive about this. I bought my microphone and have started the process of getting things rolling and set up. More details coming. But it’s happening.

I was listening to Jamie Ivey’s podcast (of course) and she was interviewing Jami Nato– who said something that really stuck with me- this isn’t an exact quote, but it was along the lines of- Really not taking the chance is because of our pride. Because we’re afraid of self failure. That is so true. Anytime you put yourself out there, there are going to be critiques and of course you’ll have your doubts. But what if you don’t ever go ahead and try that thing that excites you and you genuinely think you could be good at and enjoy. Well, that would suck. So, I’m diving in.

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