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Duo MP3 Review + Podcast Update

Hi guys! I’ve been quiet as a mouse on this little blog- spending most of my free time getting ready to launch the podcast. I’ve recorded 7 episodes now and and so very close to launching. I’m going to do a big name reveal and giveaway on instagram this week, so make sure you’re following along!

I swear I’ve been working on it: 

Today right before my interview with Another Mother Runner’s Sarah Bowen Shea, wearing a dirty sweatshirt: 


In a Bar (Big Lug) working on editing: 


In the car working on editing and intros between a too long volunteer shift and Athletic Annex Event:


We are heading to Florida three weeks from yesterday and if that damn podcast isn’t launched before we leave, I’m not going. I’m kidding about that really, but it WILL BE LAUNCHED by then!

I had mentioned a couple months when I started swimming a lot, (two times a week is a lot to me!) that I was going to try out the Finis Duo Underwater MP3 Player. Since I don’t really do “workouts” in the pool, I just swim nice and steady, I really wanted to try out some music to help pass the time. I was a little conflicted about it though, because alone pool time, is probably about as quiet as my mind gets in 24 hours… when I’m not sleeping that is!

I finally tried it out and honestly loved it. I do think there will be days when I want silence, but on days when I’m trying to hit 2,000 yards or more and the task seems long and daunting it is a great passer of time/laps. You download music or podcasts from your itunes and hook the duo up to your googles- the speakers set nicely against the high end of your cheek bone. It seems weird, but it works. At first I was like there’s no way I’m going to be able to hear this.

It’s funny, I feel like the “real” swimmers look at me all shaking their heads when I put the duo on my goggles. Maybe like the “real” runners do to runners out running with headphones haha.

Since I don’t have a go pro- (though I really want one!) or a random person with a camera that follows me around….  and I would feel really weird asking some random person to take a picture of my head with the duo at the pool- I’m just using a generic internet picture so you can see how it looks and hooks onto your goggles. 


Oh and I had an awesome single stroller run with Big Lou last week– man I miss running with the single stroller- it’s so easy compared to the double- it basically felt like I was running solo!


Man this boy looks so big. Big Lou is a toddler baby these days: (A non-walking toddler baby that is!)

Big Lou2

Alright that’s all I got- GO IU!!

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