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Beyond Monumental Race Rundown

Hey friends! Well look at this, I’m writing a real life actual blog post. Glenn and I ran the Beyond Monumental Marathon two weeks ago. That race was such a long time coming for me. Let me break this down. 2008-2001: Run 10 marathons but don’t really train seriously because I don’t even know what … more »

I’ll Have Another Podcast Episode 77: Sarah Holsapple

Episode 77 of I’ll Have Another is a conversation with my good friend Sarah Holsapple. Sarah is married to Casey and they have two adorable kids, Henry and Ellis. I met Sarah when we were connected through a mutual friend to join a monthly supper club, which we’ve been doing for almost a year now. … more »

Number 3!

Some of you might have seen on instagram that I posted we are expecting our third baby in October. Surprise, surprise- no wonder I haven’t been writing about my training right? I’m sure some people probably guessed it. ūüôā The first trimester was shitty and tiring per usual, but we’ve reached 17 weeks and I’m … more »

2016 Goals – No January Booze?!

We are starting January off with a no booze at the house for the entire month. WUT. If you know Glenn, you know he loves a good IPA. If you know me, you know I love a good buzz. I’ve got no problem with the extra winter layer that has settled in, but we figured¬†eliminating¬†some … more »

Monumental Training -11 Weeks to go

If you can’t tell I basically only blog training logs/updates. Writing out my logs¬†helps me workout what is going well, how my body is responding, and if I need to change anything. So without further ado: ANOTHER TRAINING LOG! Week 11 8 Run 86.7 Miles 2 workouts and 1 long run Monday: 10.3 miles easy/recovery. … more »

Glenn Training Update

Week 12 –¬†Glenn Monumental Training 75.4 Miles 9 runs 2 workouts Going into the week, I was really only focused on 2 runs: Wednesday’s mile repeats and Saturday’s long run with MRP miles…with really the focus being Saturday. It was ¬†going be another 20 miles with my first set of marathon race pace. Up until … more »

Upcoming Races

I’m sure you’re all dying to know what races the Hein’s have lined up for the rest of 2014. ¬†We are all about staying local for the second half of the year. Keeping it real and keeping it simple. How we do.   Shorter Distance:¬† City Lights 5 Miler¬†– Saturday, August 2nd – Use code¬†OUTFORARUN5M … more »

Indy Women’s Fall Training Program Kick Off!

Last night was the first night of the CRRG Indy Women’s Fall Training Program! We had both old and new participants come out and some of the ladies from last season (Jana & Christina) brought red shades for everyone. So fun. I know someone who rocks red shades on the regular….. Of course- thank you … more »

What’s Going On:

What’s been going on around here…..¬† Plantar Fasciitis Update (you totally care about that right?!): While my plantar¬†fasciitis isn’t totally gone- I CAN run again. Hooray! It had become so bad while I was training for Boston and during Boston¬†that I really had to give myself some time to heal. I took around 6 weeks … more »