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Monumental Training -11 Weeks to go

If you can’t tell I basically only blog training logs/updates. Writing out my logsĀ helps me workout what is going well, how my body is responding, and if I need to change anything. So without further ado: ANOTHER TRAINING LOG!

Week 11

8 Run

86.7 Miles

2 workouts and 1 long run

Monday: 10.3 miles easy/recovery. Ran alone for a bit and then did 3.3 with Lindsey, Marshall, and Cadence. The whole fam! Felt nice and recovered from the week prior. Probably averaged 8:30s.

Tuesday: General aerobic effort of 7:18 for 9.1 miles.

Wednesday: Skipped the group workout for a medium long progression run. The way my plan falls I have medium long runs every Wednesday so I’m not sure how group work is going to go anymore, especially as the marathon intensity picks up. The progression run went well. 7:09 for 15 miles. Moved from 7:05 to 5:54 over the last six miles.

Thursday: Recovery run. Easy days I go easy. Had to do this run in the afternoon and it was super gross (hot, sticky, and humid) so I took it extra easy. 7.8 miles doing 8:30s.

Friday: Remember how I said it was super gross out? It was still super gross Friday morning for my workout. 11 miles total with 5 @ tempo. I should have adjusted my pace accordingly for the weather but being a dumbass I tried to sustain the pace I would run for more ideal conditions. I could tell by mile 5 of the tempo that the heart rate was elevating too much. I am really bad about adjusting my pace. Paid for it with how terrible that last mile felt. Hit about 6:05 for the tempo.

Did a 3 mile run with Lindsey after my 11. Gave me 14.5 for the day. We also did the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge when we got home thanks for being called out by old man Steve Haak…I’m just glad he didn’t have a heart attack on video.

Saturday: We were in Crown Point for the weekend so I did Lindsey’s long run with her on Saturday to recover from Friday. Pushed Marshall. Lindsey had a good run. 10 miles @ 9:49. One of her furthest and fastest pregnant runs to date.

Sunday: My long run day. Still in Crown Point. Still gross weather in the midwest. Ran out to Cedar and Lemon Lake. 20 miles steady effort. No workout. 7:17.

Another solid week of running. I am starting to play around with my heart rate monitor more and enjoy having another data point. I’d like to complete a max heart rate test this week but we’ll see if I can get over to Crown Hill one day to repeat it. I have a pretty good idea of where my ranges fall but I want to do the test for fun! Happy running.

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