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2016 Goals – No January Booze?!

We are starting January off with a no booze at the house for the entire month. WUT.

If you know Glenn, you know he loves a good IPA. If you know me, you know I love a good buzz.

I’ve got no problem with the extra winter layer that has settled in, but we figured eliminating some of the beer intake might help the situation at hand without extra actual work. Let’s be smart.

When we made the goal, I immediately thought; craaaaaaap, I’m going to Salt ‘n’ Peppa at the Vogue with a bunch of girls in January. I’m not interested in this January goal. So we decided it was no booze at home. Out at social events or dinner, fine. We don’t go to dinner all that much and it’s January soooooo, it shouldn’t be too much booze. We’ll keep track and report back. The only thing you need to know right now is I caught Glenn drinking hot tea last night. That’s unheard of.

Glenn also added our 2016 marathon goals to the board this morning. He is adamant about my goal being sub 3:00, but I’m adamant about it being 3:05, because ain’t nobody got time to be stressed out about running fast. I did register for Grandma’s and also plan to run Carmel- not sure yet if I’ll be running Carmel fastish or pacing. Need to decide in the next week or so.

Here is a rundown:

  • January: no booze at home
  • 2016 Athletic Goals : < 3:05 for me, < 2:45 for Glenn, Beat my 2013 Muncie 70.3 time. (5:55:17. Lucky me, I heard they changed the bike course the year after I did it and it’s a bit faster. I’ll take any help I can get on the bike!)
  • Give more:
    • Action 1: Signed up for automatic monthly donation to the PourHouse.
      • I’ve been meaning to do this for a long time. Ever since, Andrea who runs the organization put up a facebook post one day when she was feeling frustrated. Everyone “likes” and encourages when she posts something about a success, like someone moving into housing. BUT, your “likes” do not equal sustainability of the program. Your dollars will though. Ok, take action Lindsey. Liking her posts isn’t helping.
    •   Action 2: Signed up to volunteer for Circle City Relief.
      • My first volunteer shift is this Sunday. I was specifically interested in this organization because it meets in my neighborhood. I can walk across the street to where they serve. Part of the reason we like being in the city is so that we aren’t living in a bubble, but you can certainly live in the city and still live in a bubble.
    • Action 3: Adopt another sponsor child. (we have one sponsor child through Compassion- I’ve been with them for 11 years! That seems crazy long looking back. I was 21 when I started) Now that Marshall is getting older, he can start interacting and being part of the experience)
    • I write the actions, because I hope putting them here will hold me accountable. I hope I don’t sound pretentious. I do think if we all talk about these kind of things, it encourages others to step up though, so why not talk about it. I also don’t want it to stop here, but I think writing some specific things down is a good starting place.
  • Read More, Social Media less. I don’t think I need to expand here.
    • I’ve been reading Jen Hatmaker books like it’s nobody’s business over the past couple of months. “For the Love”, “Seven” and “Interrupted.” I have purposely been reading them because I fully believe that if we don’t seek interruption in our lives (these books talk on this), we will sit in a stale- maybe happy, but stale life where we are just living for ourselves and our own families. And we just weren’t created to live like that. It can be overwhelming to think of all the problems and all the issues in the world that we have no control over, but doing nothing at all isn’t helping anyone.
    • I just started re-reading “Half the Sky” and plan to read “A Path Appears” when I’m done.
  • This is where I want to write down a goal to have a better garden this year. I’m not feeling super organized about that yet though, so let’s check back. I need some tangible goals or something.



What are your 2016 running goals? Life goals? 

Who has book suggestions? I like for fun, education (if not too smarty pants) and anything that encourages to do better. You know what I mean.

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