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Episode 164: Scott Jurek Live

Scott Jurek is a Husband, Father, Author and one of the names we will never forget in the world of Ultra running. Most known for his 7- consecutive straight victories at The Western States 100-Mile Endurance Run, he has also taken victories in  the 153-mile Spartathlon, the Hardrock 100 and the Badwater 135-Mile Ultramarathon. In … more »

Episode 153: Denise McMillan

Denise McMillan joins me on the show today. She has a unique story in that she didn’t become a runner until the age of 49 after overcoming Breast Cancer. Just five years later, she has run three marathons and created friendships that will last a lifetime. Denise talks about how the friendship side running might … more »

Episode 81: Molly Ludlow Re-Release

Episode 81: Molly Ludlow Today’s episode of I’ll Have Another is the first ever re-release of the show. I’m really excited about this though because I’m sitting down with Molly this coming week for a follow up episode that will be released next Friday. This episode was recorded in the spring of 2016 while Molly … more »

I’ll Have Another Podcast Episode 59: Naomi Pescovitz

I’ll Have Another Podcast Episode 59: Naomi Pescovitz Naomi is a news anchor for the Indianapolis NBC affiliate -Channel 13-WTHR. She graduated from the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University and has since worked for several news stations around the country until recently landing here in her hometown of Indianapolis. Naomi and I met … more »

6 Weeks on Thursday

Last week Russell crossed over the one month mark. I don’t have a cute sticker picture or any specific picture on that particular day, but I do know that his hair is still better than my own hair and probably your hair too. I’m terrible at baby books and all that kind of mom stuff, … more »


I’m here to tell you WHY I LOVE the 500 Festival Mini Marathon. I ran this race for the first time in 2005. It was my very first half marathon. My mom, dad and one of my sisters did it too. My sisters and I actually just recorded my third podcast episode and we discuss the … more »

1 More DAY! Women’s Running Cover Contest.

You’ve got one more day to enter the Women’s Running Cover Runner Contest. Submissions are closed tomorrow September 28th Don’t be shy to nominate yourself! Nominate a friend who you know won’t submit but you know deserves it! It really takes 30 minutes to apply. Just know what you want to say and speak from … more »

Calm Down. It’s just Running.

I’ve been running consistently for 17 years. I joined my high school cross country team as a sophomore after being persuaded by my best friend and our coach. Right off the bat I was a head case runner. I would start getting nervous about cross country meets that were on Saturday four days prior. And … more »

Training Log: March 2 – 8

Here comes another training log. Starting to feel like I am throwing together some consistent weeks and slowing bringing the mileage up. Back to back 60 mile weeks. 24 days in a row. I’ll take it at this point with the baby…well being a baby. We joined the Y recently as a family, aside from Lindsey … more »