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6 Weeks on Thursday

Last week Russell crossed over the one month mark. I don’t have a cute sticker picture or any specific picture on that particular day, but I do know that his hair is still better than my own hair and probably your hair too. I’m terrible at baby books and all that kind of mom stuff, but I figured if I wrote some stuff on here, I could look back on it later and I’ll be glad I have the records.

We’ll hit 6 weeks on Thursday – which is always the time when people tell you you hit a turning point. Things settle down a bit, it’s still really hard because everyone’s tired but you find some sort of rhythm in the chaos. At least that was so for the first two.

At 6 weeks post delivery, I’m starting to feel like myself a bit more and excited to start working out again. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still feeling the hormone crazies a fair amount, but I’m feeling a little less hazy. I’m a stickler of waiting the full 6 weeks to start running again after babies and surgeries, but I think more than anything for the reason that I enjoy the downtime. I enjoy it enough to totally celebrate it, but I miss running/exercise enough that I welcome it back with open arms. I started taking Louis to the Y when he was only 6 weeks old but am not sure I’ll go down that road so soon with Russ. He already had a cold at three weeks and it was miserably for all parties. The Y never got Lou sick though so who knows, maybe I’ll roll the dice. Momma is much happier with her workout time.


At one month. He’s up an down all night long, eating three different people’s breast milk like a champ- though the weird thing about giving your kid other peoples breast milk is that you have no idea what that person might have ate on a particular day and if it’s upsetting his tummy at all. We have about 4 more weeks of breast milk left for him and I’ll likely start incorporating some formula with it soon. What a gift these women have donated to our baby boy.

His brothers adore him and at this point we all kind of think he looks more like Marshall/Me rather than Louis/Glenn. (Everyone says Marshall looks like me and Louis looks like Glenn) Though he seems to maybe have Glenn’s nose so maybe he’ll be a Marshall/Louis hybrid.

That’s all I got. 



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