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Training Log: March 2 – 8

Here comes another training log.

Starting to feel like I am throwing together some consistent weeks and slowing bringing the mileage up. Back to back 60 mile weeks. 24 days in a row. I’ll take it at this point with the baby…well being a baby.

We joined the Y recently as a family, aside from Lindsey being an unpaid spokesman, it is really nice to have a gym again. I dropped LA Fitness about a year ago as I had no need for it. With Louis’s arrival in January my morning run routine was out the door so during the week I have become a lunch runner. I had been running outside all winter but now with the Y is logistically a lot simpler and convenient.

March 2 – 8

7 runs

61 miles

Monday: 5.8 miles @ Eagle Creek about 7:38 per mile

Tuesday: 6 miles on the treadmill at the Y. Had to check out the new membership. Did a hill climbing workout. Alternating between 2 and 5% incline over the 6 miles. Since I’m not really doing a lot of tempo or speed work…hills are a great strength builder. It was also 30*F and raining so the gym was an easy choice.

Wednesday: 7 miles @ the Y. 7:17 pace

Thursday: 45 minutes of climbing again at the Y covering 5.6 miles. This time incline work from 3 to 6.5%.

Friday: Chillin. 7 miles @ 8:09

Saturday: Lindsey was working in the morning and running outside so the boys and I hit up the Y again. It was a great spring day but treadmill again for me. 90 minutes easy. 12 miles. I am also pretty good at tweeting and running. Haha.

Sunday: Long run with a small workout. Getting back into shape is no fun that’s for sure. 2 hr run. 17.3 miles. Miles 10 – 16 were ran in a cut down marathon progression moving from 7:04 to 6:22. I was happy with the effort and definitely tired at the end. Plenty of time to get in shape.

There’s my 61 miles. Looking to get about 65 or so this week. With the spring thaw in full effect this week I am hopeful that secondary runs with Marshall and Cadence can be brought back after work. Besides that I am now officially signed up again as the 3:15 Carmel Marathon pacer. Are you running it? I’ll yell at you to keep up with me at mile 23 if you want.

Is it lunch yet?

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