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70.3 Training… longest ride yet!

What I know for sure: (got that line from when I used to read O magazine- yep I used to have a subscription haha) 3 day weekends ROCK, even when you are a stay at home mom. The weekend is STILL the weekend. 
Weekend Run Down:
Saturday- 10 miles with Glenn downtown. Great run even though I had terrible sleep on Friday night. Glenn was running 10 on Saturday and Sunday, he likes to keep a faster pace than I, so when I run with him, I usually run faster than planned and he slows down a bit. It all evens out. 
We hadn’t ran downtown in a long time, so this was fun. We dropped Marshall off at me parents and put him down for a nap- he was still asleep when we returned so it worked out nicely. Man, it’s really nice to have my parents living up here. We hit the canal and the White River loop. Kept an average 7:15 pace, but hammered home, finishing the last mile in 6:28. Something about running with him gets me to throw down on the last mile. Also- saw Pro Trans friend Betsy running on the canal. Always love seeing people out and about when out on a run. She says she is might train for a half in September. We’ll be cheering her on. 🙂
Sunday- Anxious Annie much of the day because I took a complete rest day. I usually take my rest days on Monday. I kept almost just running 3-4 miles but convincing myself not to. The highlight of the day was definitely going to Fat Dan’s for the first time. Go there if you haven’t. Best french fries I’ve ever had. Maybe. I don’t know if I can actually make that claim, but I can’t think of any that beat them off the top of my head. 
Monday-  Thank you times a million to my mom who watched Marshall for us ALL DAY. We put him to bed at my parents house Saturday night and my mom watched him until 4pm, while we rode 62 miles with friends and then went out to lunch with the group. This was my longest training ride so far by 12 miles. I think I’ll be doing one more of this distance before Muncie 70.3. 
This ride was really fun for a coupe of reasons. Our friend Chrissy had told us about the ride, so we knew she would be there, but it turned out the Gardners, Brian and Erika (all Back on My Feet (BoMF) people) were all there as well. Most of us rode together for a lot of the ride and we also picked up another guy who rode with our group as well. 62 miles is a long way to ride, but it’s much better if your riding with a group. It was also a nice route- which we didn’t have to come up with on our own. 🙂
The ride was the “Give Hope Ride: and there was a 12, 24, 42 and 62 mile option. Proceeds from the ride went to St. Jude- there was a parent who’s child had been a patient of St. Jude who spoke and gave a testimony to the great things that St. Jude did for his family during their time there. We were all happy to be a part of this and will for sure do it again next year. 
Pictures from the ride:

Pre Ride

Gardners & Chrissy- three amazing leaders for BoMF Indy.

Group Picture Mid Ride. (Erika, who is on the far right in the green shirt, rode her bike 500K (310 miles) over the weekend, since it was the Indy 500 weekend. She made the goal last year and completed it yesterday. WOAH.

42 miles down, 20 to go. Glenn, Lindsey & Brian
The organizers put an album on facebook and I found this one. I think I might look more excited than I actually was.

AND Happy Memorial Day yesterday! Thank you to all who have served, are serving and will serve our country.

It was a big weekend in Indianapolis- the Indy 500 was Sunday and the Pacers are in the playoffs. This city has been all kinds of busy. Congrats to Tony Kanaan, who won the race Sunday! It was his 12th go at it. Did you know he’s done a full Ironman?! Sounds like someone who doesn’t give up.

Anyone have any great workouts or races this weekend?
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