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Training Updates – Muncie 70.3

Well we had Marshall’s first birthday party on Saturday. Naturally when I saw a 60 bike ride on the schedule for Sunday, I wondered if that would actually happen. I mean I know it wasn’t my birthday or anything, but I had plenty of drinks to celebrate Marshall’s birthday. (I made a delicious concoction, that I recently had at another birthday party- Corona Light, Vodka, Raspberry Concentrate & Raspberries) It’s good people, I promise. Thank you Ashley Langley for this recipe!!

The Hootch.

What happened with that ride? Oh yes, Sunday turned into a rest day. The problem here is that that was in my mind the last “big” ride I planned on doing. I know I have time for more, but I really just didn’t want to venture into the 60 miles ride after this weekend. I’m just kind of over the long bike rides that take 4 hours or so.

It’s really reminding me of marathon training when you are soooo ready for your taper but you HAVE to get the last 20 miler in. The last marathon I trained for, I had wanted to do my last 20 on Friday, then I pushed it to Saturday and I ended up doing it on Sunday. I know Like the 20, I know I’ll make myself do this 60, it’s just… WHEN. It’s such a big chunk of time and I don’t want to give that chuck up.

This morning when I brought it up to Glenn and told him I wanted to make sure I got in one more, but what if I wait until next week during 4th of July time, because he has Wed-Fri off work and he could stay with Marshall one of those days while I ride (and I can hopefully find someone to ride with!)… or he can ride with me and we can get someone to watch Marsh) He politely told me it would be good if I could get in to get 2 more 60 milers in. whomp, whomp. Way to kill my buzz. I’m not going to do that. Nope, not happening. I just don’t want to. One more is fine with me.

And moving on….. some good news about my bike situation– I asked my friend Stacie if I could borrow her road bike. AND it’s a YES!! She has a bike that is pretty much brand new and at least 7 lbs lighter than my bike. When the Vern at T3 told me I could add 2-4 mph (I’m guessing with the little experience I have, it will be more like 2 mph) with a lighter bike, it was my goal to get my butt on a lighter bike. THANK YOU Stacie. Haaks are having dinner on the Hein’s soon.

Holy Moly I just looked at my calendar, dude this race is less than two weeks away. So, basically I need to work hard this week.

My to do list on the bike this week:

  • Learn how to change a tire. 
  • Get in four good rides, one being at least 50 miles. (Had a good 27 miler today on the trainer)
  • Even though some of those rides are happening at the gym- I need to get comfortable on Stacie’s bike.
  • Be confident.

My to do list in the water this week:

  • Three quality swims. 
  • Focus on form.
  • Be powerful.
  • Be confident 
My to do list on the run this week:
  • Work hard during my speedwork Wednesday. 2 X 2 Mile Repeats. (Did you hear that speed group??)
  • Run Fast. 
  • Be confident
Oh and by the way- I have ANOTHER Triathlon this weekend! Morse Creek Sprint! I kind of wish it was an Olympic distance to get the swim/bike experience in a further race, but timing wise, this race is what worked with our schedule. The swim & bike are a bit longer than Eagle Creek. (600 Meters and 14 Mi) The run is the same 3 mi. By the way- this race was Glenn’s very first triathlon and he freaked out on the open water swim. Not that I’m competitive or anything, but I’m like really proud that I didn’t freak out on my first open water swim.
I won’t be able to go for a “PR” since the distances are different than Eagle Creek, but here are my goals:
  • Transition faster.
  • Now that I’ve done an open water swim, my goal is bigger than just not freaking out and surviving. I think I wasted a decent amount of time siting at Eagle Creek, if I can get into more of a groove for longer periods of time without siting (while not going off course!), then I think I will be faster.
  • Increase my mph.. at Eagle Creek I rode 17.5 mph. I’d like to increase it to at least 18 mph. 
  • Beat my run time. (19:50… 6:37 mile pace)
Enough about me- Glenn has been building his base for Chicago for a while now and today marked the first day of his intense work. He’s excited and I want to throw up just thinking about how fast he’s going to have to run.

If you are into triathlons- if you could only give me one piece of advice for each discipline and transition – what is it? 
If you are into cocktails– what do you think of that hootch we had for Marshall’s party? Do you have any recipes that can battle?
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