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My Strong Words Today.

Are you racing this weekend? 

I am. I’m going to repeat the words below in my mind and have them written on my arm.  It’s not going to hurt until mile 6 or so. But there will be some doubts that start creeping in sooner. And then I’ll get through half way and I know the feeling that will happen and I know how bad it will hurt when I’m chasing down the last 5 miles. No matter how great or how rough I feel through each piece of this run though, these are my words: 

  • Brave
  • Strong
  • Fighter
  • Relax
  • Control

These words are simple. But they are going to help get me to the finish line. I have other words, but these are the five I’m choosing to focus on during this particular race. They are going to help me push as hard as I can. Reminding me that I do not need to give up, even when my body tells me it wants to and thinks it needs to.

Different words can be meaningful for different races. For instance, if I was racing a full marathon or a longer distance race, like a half ironman, I would use words more like “consistent” and “calm”… with a few of the words I’m using for this shorter race mixed in as well.

What is your favorite “strong” word that you go to when you need to dig deep?

Who’s racing this weekend?!
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