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Belle Conquers her first Half Marathon Tomorrow!

GUESS WHAT? Belle is running her FIRST half marathon tomorrow! 

I remember my first half marathon very clearly- don’t we all?  I say this to make sure Belle soaks up every bit of the experience. One thing I know for sure is I wasn’t nearly as prepared as this woman is. She is ready to conquer the beast.

Belle contacted us back in May as a new runner looking to work her way up to her first half marathon.

Tomorrow morning, the show goes down. She absolutley dominated her most recent race which was a 10 miler just a few weeks ago. She ran the race so smart that her last mile was her fastest! Then she dominated an Oreo Brownie Blizzard like any real runner would. My kind of girl.

When we first started working with Belle her weekly average mileage was 10 miles and her longest run was 5 miles. To date she is constantly running 25 mile weeks with her longest run is 11 miles. It took some major confidence and hard work conuquering each new distance. She built slow and steady, avoiding injury and burnout and her day has finally come!

There is nothing better than going into a race knowing you are prepared. And that she is! 

Belle- enjoy every step tomorrow. Remember all of your hard work and how far you have come. Think about the runner you have evolved to and how strong you are right now. You have the endurance you need, and you are not only physically prepared but you are mentally prepared as well. Don’t forget that! Remember your strong words and use them during this race. 5 words. Pick them and make them your mantra. I like – strong, steady, confident, happy and power. You pick your words or use those, but get something positive engrained in you head!

GO GET EM Belle. Embrace this race…. you’ll never get to run your first half marathon again. With every step remember how much joy and peace this running thing has given you. We are proud of you.

Who’s got a word of encouragement and support they can give Belle? Do it now- her race is tomorrow!!
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