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Our Year: 2013

So the hot thing to do on blogs is a year review or something like that. And I definitely can’t be left behind.
This took some work to go back and look things up and I’m not really into doing a lot of work, so read and make me feel better about the time I spent on this post.

Along with “move viewed”, I also slipped in “my favorite” post of the month too…. which sometimes is closer to the least viewed….. haha.

Our “most viewed” of the year was my BRCA Gene post by a lot, with “Why Runners are Really Annoying” in a not so close second.


Most Viewed: Why I’m Staying Home, The Mile Repeat

My Favorite: Running Scared

Race Reports: Rehoboth Beach Marathon

Favorite Life Thing: Being content with my decision to quit my job.

The early days of my starting to be home full time.


Most Viewed: The last 20, Tired & Hungover, When a long run was just a long run

My Favorite: A Frozen Progression Run

Race Report: None

Favorite Life Thing: New Nephew born, Evan Emre Ozbilge 

Glenn’s sister Megan with Niece Sofia & a brand new Evan.


Most Viewed: Shamrock Marathon Recap

My Favorite: Shamrock Marathon Recap, The Big PR from the Coaches Prespective

Race Report: Shamrock Marathon Recap

Favorite Life Thing: No really, I was happy about that race. 

Finished with my fastest 26.2 to date.


Most Viewed: I added miles & I got tough

My Favorite: I added miles & I got tough

Race Report: Rock the RelayCarmel Half Marathon

Favorite Life Thing: I met a new friend, who is one of my best now- Ashley, My last big event for Back on My Feet & transitioning to being a Stay at Home mom full time (although I quit in late December- I still worked for them through end of April.

Rock the Relay
Back on My Feet Birthday Luncheon- my last big hooray. 
This is after the Indy Women’s half- but wanted to share a picture with Ashley. I wasn’t creepy enough to ask her for a pic after Carmel, when we’d just met 30 minutes earlier.


Most Viewed: Triathlon Training- Muncie 70.3

My Favorite: Learning to be a swimmer, or many a runner who can swim

Race Report: 500 Festival Mini Marathon

Most Exciting Life Thing: My sister got marriedWe launched our Coaching Business, Marshall started walking, Glenn returns to running after two months off, My first Mother’s Day

After the 500 Festival Mini Marathon- used this race as a training run for a race I didn’t end up doing… can’t plan everything!
Ericka & Rick at their destination wedding. Just the two of them, wish we could have been there!


Most Viewed: Triathlon #1 Recap

My Favorite: My road to the Chicago Marathon

Race Report: Triathlon #1 Recap

Most Exciting Life Thing: Marshall’s first birthday, Glenn’s first Father’s Day, Starting to run with the RUSTED BEARS- new friends!

First open water swim survived!
Marshall turns one
New friends: Rusted Bears! Right before Amy’s Half! 


Most Viewed: Ironman Muncie, Do you have a running BFF?

My Favorite: Ironman Muncie

Race Report: Fire Cracker SixIronman Muncie

Most Exciting Life Thing: Ironman Muncie, Having the balls to finally get my blood work done for my gene test

Before the swim: Scared, Nervous, Excited, Focused.
Entering the pain train of 13.1 miles after swimming 1.2 & biking 56. Never felt anything like it. Different kind of hurt than end of marathon pain.
My loves who cheered me on!


Most Viewed: BRCA 2 Gene & my decision

My Favorite: BRCA 2 Gene & my decision

Race Report: Eagle Creek Trail Half Marathon, Glenn CRRG 5K #1, Lindsey’s CRRG 5K, Glenn’s CRRG 5K #2Indianapolis Women’s Half Marathon

Most Exciting Life Thing: No post really, but we both turned 30 & celebrated 5 years of marriage, joining Oiselle Team!

Glenn’s 30th Birthday
When Glenn took second at the Eagle Creek Trail Half Marathon. The kid that won had never ran a race before & wore big beats by dre head phones. Really.
5th Wedding Anniversary 
Running in my Oiselle Gear w/ Cadence and niece Giovanna.


Most Viewed: Not your typical Tuesday

My Favorite: Not your typical Tuesday

Race Report: Ripple Effect, Chicago half marathon

Most Exciting Life Thing: Friends throwing me a “bye bye boobies” part, Vacation to Sonoma, Marshall’s first hair cut- I don’t know if this really makes the list, but the picture is really cute.

Glenn & Marsh after the Ripple Effect.
My amazing friends threw me a going away party right before my mastectomy.
Beautiful little vacation in Sonoma with Glenn’s whole family for a wedding. 
Britney making his handsome. That’s right, not shirt at the salon.


Most Viewed: Surgical Bras are sexy right?

My Favorite: My take on Glenn’s Chicago Marathon, And then I cried some more

Race Report: Chicago Marathon- What now?

Most Exciting Life Thing: Getting my surgery OVER with, Going trick or treating with the cutest banana I’ve ever seen.

Mom watching Marshall during my surgery, Sister Visiting me in hospital.

The race that WASN’T meant to be.


Most Viewed: What’s REALLY annoying about Runners

My Favorite: Monumental Marathon Weekend

Race Report: Monumental Marathon, Drumstick Dash

Most Exciting Life Thing: New nephew – Gunner Ceferino Gil, Glenn’s new Marathon PR

Niece Giovanna & new nephew Gunner
Glenn redeeming himself after a bad race at Chicago, just three weeks later. 
Pre Drumstick Dash!
Stroller running it at the Drumstick Dash


Most Viewed: Dominating the Stroller Run

My Favorite: Strong

Race Reports: None

Most Exciting Life Thing: New niece- Josephina Lynn Stazonne

All the kids on Glenn’s side of the family. Evan, Josephina, Sofia & Marshall.
Christmas 2013
Christmas 2013
Happy New Year Everyone!!!!
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