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Monumental Marathon Weekend!

Oh man, what a weekend. I witnessed so many real life friends, social media friends turned real friends and social media friends I don’t know in real life (non twitter friends don’t get this) achieve goals they’ve worked hard for and there was nowhere I would have rather been than cheering for them. Thanks to Sarah for watching Marshall I was able to spectate like a crazy woman!

Sadly I wasn’t able to see everyone, but there were a LOT of accomplishments in our city on Saturday. The day was beautiful and what happened was beautiful. I believe that working hard and pushing your limits makes you a better person and not only that; it encourages and inspires others to do the same.

I couldn’t resist making a list of all of the amazingness that happened.… then I started the list and realized how many people we knew who ran and it was a little out of control. Dang, Indianapolis, you like to run.

These first five guys run together sometimes and they are all really fast- Collin had an absolutely incredible day. I saw him at miles 16 and 25; running 6:17 pace he was all smiles. He had it going on. I’ve never seen someone race a marathon looking so fresh and HAPPY. 
Collin: 2:44:29 – PR

Collin at mile 16.4 trucking up a hill
Josh: 2:53:31- PR

Glenn: 2:54:28 – PR

Michael: 2:56 – PR… maybe?!

Glenn & Josh at mile 25.4
Sean: 3:05:45 – First Marathon

Bryon: 3:03:50 – PR and first BQ

Scott: 2:29:43 – Um, just fast. (twitter friend)

Amy: 3:49:15 – PR
Katy: 3:42:15 – PR 
Gabe: 3:38:41 – PR
David: 3:16:21 – PR

Jen: 3:30 – PR

Dan: 3:37:09

Brian: 3:24:46

Liz: 4:25:02

Sarah: 2:59:16

Peter: 4:57:12 – First Marathon
Jimmy: 5:12:42 – First Marathon
Megan: 4:27:09 – First Marathon

Nikki: 4:39:45 – First Marathon

Marty: 4:58:41 – First Marathon

A couple of local ladies I twitter stalk who are insanely fast:

Jackie Dikos: 2:48:19

Lucie Mays-Sulewski: 2:48:38

Mile 16 all packed up! These ladies are freaking tough.

Half Marathoners: 

Ashley: 1:37:03 – (my running BFF who ran a 3:17 marathon 3 wks ago!)

Brandon: 1:35:39

Lauren: 1:48:03 – PR (Oiselle Teammate!
Jake and Meghan: 2:10:34 – PR for Jake!

Meggie: 2:13:35

Melanie: 2:18:46 – PR (Her race recap is already up!) 
Kathy: 3:01:47 – First half marathon

Blake: 2:07:17 – PR

Chrissy: 3:03:20 – PR

Saw Chrissy just past mile 12 & ran with her for a bit.
Todd: 1:31:03 – PR

Larra: 1:31:53

Debra: 2:05:53 – PR

Melissa: 2:31:58 – 11 out of 12 half marathons in 2013 raising money for BoMF Indy!

Barb: 2:19:11 – PR

LOT’S of BoMFers!! (Gardner’s, Outta Site, Dan (3:50 pacer!!), Christie, Etc!)

Oh my, I’m sure I missed someone we know. I tried to dig up everyone!

And people I don’t know but are simply amazing: 

  • Mike Fremont: Age 91: who ran the half in 3:24:57
  • Alana Hadley: Age 16: 2:41:56
  • Colleen De Reuck : Age: 49 won the woman’s race in 2:39:22
Colleen De Reuck at mile 25 after she took the lead to head in for the W.

And here is a great article in Runners World that mentions Mike, Alana and Colleen. 
So, then we spent Sunday morning watching NYC Marathon coverage. Oh my goodness and I know you’ve probably all seen Meb’s post race video by now- but if not, make sure you watch it. I love that he finished the race. I’ve always said unless I was physically injured I will finish every race I start no matter how ugly it gets. I understand why people might decide to dropout to prevent injury or maybe save it for another day, but I very much respect what he did. How can you not.

Glenn and I have talked about this topic a lot and especially over the past few weeks after his Chicago blowup.  I asked him if he were to have started walking at mile 18 or 19 on to the finish when he knew for sure that any hope of meeting a PR (let alone his actual goal time) was out the window – would that have improved his race at IMM?

The obvious answer is “probably”. If you endure running 26.2, you are not going to be recovered in 3 weeks. Plain and simple. It’s not rocket science. It’s science, but simple science.

I know a lot of people advised Glenn against giving the 26.2 another shot so soon… but here’s the deal. He’s not an elite athlete, while he takes himself seriously, he doesn’t take himself too seriously and dang it he wanted to race again before he hung it up for the fall. There was a good chance he would blow up again. He wasn’t racing at a prime time. But, he worked his ass off and took 2 minutes off a fairly outdated PR. (The whole Ironman thing in 2012, paired with a mild injury spring 2013 delayed him giving it a go)

We’ve both set some pretty BIG goals and steps in taking times off our half and full marathons recently and while they are totally attainable, it’s important to remember to celebrate the smaller steps that get you there. Two minutes is a lot of time no matter how fast or slow you run and going from a 2:56 to 2:54 is something to celebrate.

I’m super proud. I know he gave it all he had on Saturday and this should give him some great confidence for what he can do on fresh legs in the spring.

I can’t forget to mention- IMM keeps getting better and better. Blake, Casey, Heather & whoever else is involved have done a great job. Congratulations on a great race guys! And Thank you so much to everyone in the city, including many BoMF Residential Members & volunteers who volunteered long hours!

Post Race! The amazing thing about IMM is it’s pretty darn easy to find your runner post race!!

Congratulations times a million to everyone this weekend! You all inspired me for when I can get back at training & I had an absolute blast cheering you on and watching you dig deep. Also congrats to everyone who ran NYC!!! (Hollie, Beth and all the other Oiselle gals and Patty!)

Glenn’s going to have his race recap ready tomorrow!!! YIPPIE!!

I hope I didn’t miss anyone but I’m sure I did- who else raced IMM this weekend?

Anyone else have a great racing weekend of running OR spectating? Aren’t these athletes incredible?!
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