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20 Miles Yo.

Yay! I’m super happy I knocked out 20 miles today.

It’s definitely not necessary to already be doing a 20 mile run for a marathon that is on April 21st. But I’ve had it in my head that I wanted to get one in before my surgery that’s quickly approaching. (two weeks from yesterday) I’ll be taking four weeks off and wanted this for my confidence and sense of accomplishment more than anything. Come on, everyone loves the sense of satisfaction a 20 miler gives you.

I haven’t been following a real plan these past few weeks, but I have an idea in my head with what I want to accomplish each week give or take some miles and just get it done.

The run today felt good. I felt strong, confident and owned it. I did not want to run too hard, but settled into a comfortable pace early on that was a little speedier than I had anticipated. For the first 10 miles, I reminded myself over and over again to not pick it up and remain consistent, so that I didn’t crash in the final stretch.

I ran with my watch underneath my arm warmers and only peaked at it 4-5 times total during the whole run. I wanted to run based on feel, not what my watch said. I had a good idea what paces I was putting out though. Speaking of my arm warmers- I felt perfect in long tights, a tank top and arm warmers… I saw so many people in coats out running. I feel like I looked underdressed but I’d have been burning up in long sleeves, seems like almost every person I saw was overdressed!

I also ran with music today, which is something I rarely do during outdoor runs. 

Three reasons I usually don’t run with music outside-

  • Safety- which I let slide today since it was Saturday morning and I knew the monon would be hoppin with people anxious to get outside after the week we’ve had weather wise.  I did have my mace on me though!
  • I use my phone for music and have yet to find a holder that works so I just carry it, which is kind of annoying. (any armbands I’ve found to hold the iPhone are huge! I don’t even have particularly small arms, but they are way too big.)
  • I race without music, so I like to simulate that in outdoor runs. Especially a long run. I don’t think it’s totally neccesary to always do that though.  
I do think the music motivated me, but I also think the run would have panned out the same without it. 

Since the roads are still iffy with ice, slush and whatever, I ran straight up the monon to Carmel & back. I would have preferred to run downtown and around there and back, but this was my best bet for less stop & gos. I’m not one to mind stop & go, slush and what not usually but I felt like just running and not messing with it today. 


Mile 1- 8:17 

Mile 2- 7:57 

Mile 3- 7:53 

Mile 4- 7:53 

Mile 5- 7:49 

Mile 6- 7:51 

Mile 7- 7:52 

Mile 8- 7:47 

Mile 9- 7:43 

Mile 10- 7:45 – Turnaround in Carmel yay!

Mile 11- 7:36 – Tell myself to keep it in check so I can speed up last 5 or at least hold pace!

Mile 12- 7:52 – Gel (peanut butter Hammer)

Mile 13- 7:50

Mile 14- 7:29 

Mile 15- 7:35 

Mile 16- 7:28 

Mile 17- 7:24 

Mile 18- 7:24 

Mile 19- 7:27 

Mile 20- 7:15 – get home girl. shower. food. water. kid. couch. It all awaits you, so move it.

Average Pace: 7:42

Total Time: 2:34

The legs felt a bit heavy but just what you would expect. Nothing crazy. I thought about how the last time I set out to run 20 miles, it was a big fail. I thought about what I put my body through just 3 months ago and how thankful I am that I CAN be running 20 miles, I thought about the alone time I was having and appreciated it, I thought about how far an Ironman is and in comparison how short 20 miles is, (I’m just about finished with Chrissie Wellington’s book, “A Life without Limits“- read it people! So inspiring), I thought about how good finishing this run and finishing my next marathon will feel. And I thought about keeping form. That’s really about it. Nothing too deep.

There are a lot of mind games that can happen in a 20 mile run. Just like in the marathon, it WILL BE overwhelming if you think of the total distance all at once. But, if you chose to stay in the mile, right where you are, and evaluate your body one step at a time, you’ll be doing yourself a service. What you chose to do now will effect how you will feel at the end. Well isn’t that true for most things in life?

I’m feeling content going into surgery with this & the past few weeks under my belt. I do not feel up to par with my speed compared to last year in my shamrock training but distance wise, I’m there.

And I think my body will thank me for a little rest. (even if it won’t really want an entire 3-4 weeks!)

Alright, I basically just gave you an entire race recap over a 20 mile run. Oh, you just wait until I actually race again. haha.

Does anyone know of a good iPhone holder for your arm that isn’t huge? 

Are you doing a spring marathon? If so when will you do your first 20 miler (if you do 20 milers!) 

What do you do in a 20 mile run to keep yourself from getting overwhelmed?
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