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Half Marathons Scare Me

Part of me wishes I would have raced a half during my marathon training. I was in full on training mode, had good confidence going and 13.1 just didn’t seem like a very far distance. There weren’t any nearby that would have worked out timing wise though and I wasn’t willing to spend the time or money to travel to one. So it didn’t get done. 

I rolled across the half marathon timing mat at 1:34:40 at Shamrock. That would have been a PR had I been racing a half. I knew if I ran the first half right, it would be a half PR.

Last fall, after Glenn’s Ironman, he put a condensed half marathon training plan together and ran a big PR at the Monumental Half. So, I had him put a half plan together for me for a May race. He sent me an email and attached the plan. The bottom of the email said exactly this:

“Don’t balk at the race time. You can absolutely run that…with out a doubt!!!”
“Don’t be scared of anything. It is within your current ability. Own it and chase it. It will hurt but what are you scared of? Blowing up? Who cares? If you don’t push the limit you will never know your true potential.”

At this point, I hadn’t seen the time he had in the plan for me. It was what I expected though. I was excited about what the outcome of my hard work would be once I got to race day, but I couldn’t help but feeling a little BUH about running 6 days a week with a lot of pretty hard efforts again after I literally just finished my marathon. That break I was looking for, didn’t seem like much of a break. 

I’ve mentioned I’ve been wanting to train for a triathlon and on Sunday got the idea in my head to train for Muncie 70.3 in July. (Yes, I will do shorter distances before then!) So, I’ve made him change my plan again. I’m excited about swimming and biking. Naturally I am a better runner, I enjoy running more and really, running is just easier. You don’t have to get wet, you don’t have to deal with a bike. You just put your shoes on and go. I’m ready for a different kind of goal though. I’m not 100% committed yet, but almost there.

I swam & biked on Monday and on Tuesday, I swam & ran. My legs are crazy tired and sore like I did a strength workout with squats and lunges and I’m not sure why- (because I didn’t do a strength workout!) it started before the swimming and biking though so it must be from the 12 mile stroller run on Saturday, although I’ve never been sore like this from a stroller run. It was one of my first longer, fastish runs since the marathon though, so maybe that’s it. I might take an unplanned rest day today. I’m certainly not doing my prescribed speedwork of mile repeats. The pace is set at 6:11-6:18 and I know I don’t have that in my legs today. On Saturday, I’m running Rock the Relay as a two man team. It will be 13.1 miles each, in sets of 2.2 miles at a time. It’s going to be a crazy good workout, so I’m OK with skipping today and putting my effort into Saturday. Marshall, Cadence and I will probably just do an easy recovery stroller run this afternoon.

Title of this blog is half marathons scare me. I haven’t even talked about it much. But I’ll just say, they do, that’s why I haven’t raced one in literally 4-5 years. They scare me, because you have to run so fast the whole time. I’ve gotten used to the whole 26.2 thing where you are running comfortably for a good bit of the race. Glenn tells me, I’m just scared of being uncomfortable. When I imagined myself running sub 3:15 for a full marathon, I thought it would be uncomfortable the whole time. It wasn’t at all. In fact, the first 10K, though it was ran with a tale wind, was 7:05ish pace and it felt very comfortable. I supposed 6:45ish for the first 10K of a half should feel the same? I hope so!

The picture below is right before the last half marathon I had “raced” it is my second fastest official half marathon time. (I think 1:39?) Since then I have crossed the half marathon mark of full marathons faster than the time I ran that day probably 6 or 7 times. I remember having a rough race, it was in Bloomington, which is really hilly and I had been running in flat Indy, of course. It was also during my training for Boston 2009, and as I struggled through the hilly 13.1, I wondered how I would get through my second full marathon. I actually remember crying at some point in this race because I felt so terrible. What a girl. This was before my blogging days. No race recaps to be found. 🙂 I honestly can’t believe this was so long ago. It seems so far away, yet so recent.

Standing with Glenn and my Mom before the IU Half Marathon 2009
Do you prefer racing the half marathon or full marathon?

Do you ever find yourself skipping a hard workout so that you can execute better on a more important workout? 
Have you ever done a triathlon? Which one? 

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