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Great Run for me- Cadence not so much.

We finally hired a new Program Director for BoMF Indy– huge sigh of relief here because Beth and I have been crazy slammed and working insane hours the past month. The new PD, Brian happens to have six ironmans under his belt and has a marathon PR of 3:05. He wants to run a 3:20 in his fall marathon, which is what I want to do also. (based on todays run… he’s got a lot more work to do to get there than I do… sorry Brian you know its true).

We have a very flexible work schedule and Beth and I already run together once a week during the day. So now that we have Brian added to our team we are going to do speed workouts Tuesdays and or Thursdays. I LOVE working with other runners.

Today Brian and I headed out for seven miles- 20 minute warm up, 20 minutes fast, 20 minute cool down. It was super hot, but felt great. We ended up just running a lap around the canal for our fast 20 minutes. So at 12:30, I was done with my workout for the day and just worked sweaty which I am totally OK with.

Although I had a great workout today… Cadence did not. First of all it’s 90 degrees out. I rode my bike with Cadence running alongside. We were first stopped running by Sugar, the neighbors dog when she started growling & Cadence wanted to play. As we headed up the Monon I saw a couple of shady looking teenagers (three have been three attacks on the monon in the past month and the attackers have all been 16-17 year old kids). Even though the kids were probably be fine I decided to turn around and head south. Since it was 90, I was practically dragging her. We turned on 46th and there was a mean pit bull tied up going crazy and Cadence literally stopped in her track and would not move. She was so scared. So, here I am on 46th st. dragging her past the pitbull, praying that the chain he was tied up to didn’t break.

Fifteen hot, danger-filled minutes later- we are home and she better not act like she needs to exercise before bed, because I’m not having it! Oh and there were three cop cars hanging out on 48th & Guilford… hmm somebody’s in trouble.

Yes- she was driving me crazy today- but how can you not LOVE that face.

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