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This weekend I did my first real outside bike ride of IM 70.3 training. I’ve rode around a bit outside since the weather got nice, but not a real training ride. Those have all been inside. We went to Crown Point to visit Glenn’s family for Mother’s Day and his parents agreed to watch Marshall on Saturday morning so we could ride together. You know I wasn’t going to venture out on my own.
At Glenn’s parents about to head out for our ride. It’s May, why in the world did we need to dress like this?

In my mind, a 40 mile bike ride is similar to a 20 mile run, It takes around the same amount of time for me. Like a 20 mile run, many times when you get started, the distance seems daunting and that’s how I felt about the 40. 40 miles on the bike is long, but it’s not crazy long. The farthest I’ve ever done in a day is somewhere around 80, but that was 3 years ago. And on the same day that I rode 80, Glenn doubled me, riding 160. He’s a much more experienced bike rider than I.

I don’t have a trip meter on my bike, but Glenn had his GPS watch on his bike for the ride. I started asking him how far we’d gone at mile 6. So, yeah those first 20 miles were a bit of a head game. We did an out and back and the first half was into a head wind and I felt like I was crawling pretty slow. A couple of times I was apparently a little chatty and Glenn told me I needed to work harder. Geez man. I wasn’t working all that hard, like in a 20 mile run, you can’t go all hard and stuff the whole time or you’ll crash and burn. When I was pushing hard though, I focused on the turnaround when we’d have a really awesome tailwind.

I feel like I’m always talking about a headwind. Maybe I’m a baby about it, but Mr. Ironman himself told me the headwind out was nasty, so I’ll give myself that.

We took these pics at 20 miles when we turned around. I had my mind set on hopping of the bikes for a minute at the turnaround and took a gel as well. (chocolate hammer, duh)

I think this picture makes us look young. As someone who is turning 30 in 3 months. I like it.

AND, the tailwind WAS IN FACT  awesome. We averaged around 13-14 mph on the way out and 18-19 on the way back. Averaging 15.5, my goal was around 16, so I’m OK with it. I’m not a speedy bike rider. I try, but I need to work on getting some stronger legs.

After the ride, we did a 4 mile run. The schedule calls for an easy run (7:30-8:10 pace). I told Glenn I didn’t know if I’d be up for running that fast. Turns out I lied, we averaged 7:10s. At mile 1, we were at 7:30 and at mile 3 he told me pace was 6:58 and then I decided I wanted to make sure the last one was sub 7 and we hit it around 6:49. Something about sub 7s that make me feel good. I also like biking and running with Glenn because I just let him wear the watch and I don’t constantly clock/pace watch.

I also enjoy running after the bike- there’s no pressure to run very fast and while it takes a little bit of time to wake your legs up, you feel tough. 

Post run. Marshall’s thinking it’s about time we stopped working out and gave him some attention.

Once we put him down for his second nap, we headed out again and went to 3Floyds, in Munster, IN where Glenn stalked up on his favorite beer. Dave (Glenn’s Dad) watched Marshall. They really let us have some freedom on Saturday and it was really refreshing.

When I was planning to to Giest this coming weekend, I had 12 miles at steady state on the schedule for Sunday. Since I decided to drop it, I did an easy 8 instead. Marshall had us up at 5am (this is unusual, he almost always sleeps in until 7) and I almost decided to just go on and get it done early, but usually if I run first thing in the AM I end up having stomach issues- I do much better if I’ve been up for a few hours. Then I almost just scratched it and took a rest day. Then Glenn headed out to run his 8 for the day. When he got back, I had just put Marshall down for his first nap and was ready to get my 8 in. We were having a big brunch at Megan’s (Glenn’s sister) for Mother’s Day and I knew I’d enjoy it a lot more if I got my run in. The alternative was doing it Monday and I like to have to flexibility to throw in a rest day on Monday’s.

I really wanted to listen to music on my run and I don’t feel safe listening to music running by myself… even in Crown Point. It is dangerous and not worth it at all. I know having Cadence with me isn’t fool proof but it helps. It’s the only way I’ll run “alone” with headphones. She used to run this far all the time but hasn’t in a long time- she helped me keep my pace nice and chill and it was just what I needed. (side note- when I stroller run- I do have music, but I play it out loud on my phone with it sitting on the stroller- no headphones.)

Now that’s a good looking dog.
My first Mother’s Day with Marshall. I guess last year technically was, but I hadn’t really met him  yet then.

Rocking the collared IU shirt. Looks like he’s going golfing later. So glad I pulled this sucker out of storage early- it’s 18 months. He is kind of scrawny for his age, so I was surprised it fit already.
This picture of Glenn’s parents with the grandkids is hilarious.
Family pic. Marshall and Glenn got me a purse for Mother’s Day. I’m gonna wear the crap out of it. 

I’m so thankful to be Marshall’s mom. Last year at this time, we were anxiously anticipating his arrival. Mother’s Day 2011 was somewhat difficult for me, I’d had my first miscarriage the November before and couldn’t help but feel like it should have been my first “Mother’s Day” and I should have been having a baby 2 months later. What I wanted more than anything was to have my own baby to hold. Everyday I look at this little boy, who relies on me for everything, I’m thankful he does. I feel so fortunate that he came into our lives and I don’t know what the future holds for us with more babies, but I know I can’t control that. I’m soaking up every bit of this little boy that I can. The first couple months of his life were hard and exhausting and quite frankly kind of scary (I was so afraid of SIDS, I know most new parents think about it, but I was obsessive. I think that started getting better somewhere around 3 months. It was the longest 3 months of my life)  It all just keeps getting better everyday though and I’m not sure when I’ll stop saying that. Probably when he starts throwing temper tantrums.

How do you break up or handle a long bike ride? (It takes so LONG!!)

I enjoy brick runs, is that weird? (I think it’s because I know the run won’t be all that long and it doesn’t have to be fast?) What do you think about them?
Did you have a nice Mother’s Day?
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