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Wednesday Morning Speed Sessions

We are SOOO excited to share that we are starting to host weekly speed sessions! Glenn and I will both be there this week for the kick off- but will alternate which will be there every other week. (Marshall can’t stay at home by himself yet at the ripe age of one.)

The details:

Who: Whoever wants to join- all speeds are welcome!!

What: Speed work- let’s get fast people

When: Wednesdays at 5:30am

Where: Broad Ripple (DUH), on the monon behind Thr3ewismen

Why: To improve running performance while working on speed and stamina

This weeks workout: 5 Mi Total

    • 1 Mi W/U
    • 3 X 1600 w/ 3 min jogs between
    • 1 Mi C/D
Don’t you wanna run like these ladies? Let’s do work.

We would LOVE to have you at our speed sessions. We will prescribe a weekly workout start with a warm up and cool down together. It’s gonna be fun. And hard. And totally worth your time.

Questions? Email us at:

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