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Drumstick Dash

We participated in the Drumstick Dash once again this year- a tradition for our family- I think we’ve only missed once since we moved to Indy after college in 2006. It was pretty freaking cold, as it was last year- so I think for 2015 we are due for some warmer weather. Marshall was not thrilled with … more »

13 Pregnant Stroller Miles look like this:

I want to start this post by saying running a half marathon while pregnant isn’t for everyone…. it’s just not. I’m thankful I’ve been able to keep a great base and feel relatively strong so far in my pregnancy. When I was pregnant with Marshall I never ventured to this distance. Mostly because I didn’t feel … more »

It’s easy to make Excuses

I’ve taken it super easy and been way low key all week because I’ve had a nasty summer cold. Ran 3 miles Sunday, Tuesday and Wednesday. I was feeling really accomplished on Sunday because Saturday had been my furthest pregnant long run yet- 11 miles. I felt great most of the run and was happy … more »