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It’s easy to make Excuses

I’ve taken it super easy and been way low key all week because I’ve had a nasty summer cold.

Ran 3 miles Sunday, Tuesday and Wednesday. I was feeling really accomplished on Sunday because Saturday had been my furthest pregnant long run yet- 11 miles. I felt great most of the run and was happy it made me feel confident that I’m in half marathon shape.

So I had originally planned on hitting 10 or 11 again this weekend but the cold totally put me in check. I went out for 5 yesterday as my “long run” of the week. It started raining on us at 1.5 miles so I thought about just turning around and sticking with 3- that would still be enough of a run to make me feel content. I talked myself into going ahead and running up another mile so I could hit my intended 5. I was going to get rained on whether I ran 3 or 5. It probably helped that I had convinced Glenn to start his 20 miler with a 2.5 mile warm up with Marshall and I so I had him with me. (He then went on to do 9 miles at marathon pace during that 20 miles… beast workout!) Around mile 3.5 I realized Marshall had fallen asleep, so I decided I might as well keep on running to secure a longer sleep time out of him- putting me at 7 miles for the day and my longest pregnant stroller run yet. (No, I was definitely not pushing the stroller for the 11 last weekend!)

I felt tired and crappy when I woke up yesterday- pounding headache and the thought of running was obnoxious at the time. It felt like a big deal that I would even make it to 5 miles. My whole point is, it would have been easy to talk myself out of running at all. it would have been easy to make an excuse. I had plenty up my sleeve. But the truth is I knew it would make me feel better and would make me happier for the remainder of the day.  So I headed out the door and as the run went on, I felt better with every mile. Now isn’t that the way it is MOST of the time? If I encountered you yesterday, I was much more pleasant because the excuses didn’t win. You’re welcome.

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Oh and I want to mention: If you are out running with your phone- download the Mizuno Baton App. It is the easiest way you can raise some quick money for Back on My Feet. There is really no reason NOT to do it. All you do is download and run- you have a week to log miles and Mizuno donates a dollar per mile to BoMF. BOOM. $7 to BoMF yesterday, just because I ran 7 miles.


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