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Bonus: Janae Baron, 2:49 Marathon Recap

Janae Baron just ran a 2:49 marathon at the St. George Marathon and I had to get her back on the show to hear all about it!  What I love about this story so much is that for 8 years she had a dream to break 3 hour in the marathon and just a year … more »

Introducing the Up & Running Podcast

I’ve been dreaming of starting a podcast network for three years now and I’m excited to announce that it’s finally happening. I couldn’t be more honored to announce the launch of SANDYBOY Productions and the very first show joining the network! Please welcome the Up & Running Podcast hosted by my friends Lauren Floris and … more »

Episode 186: Jenny Jurek

My guest on the show today is Jenny Jurek – mother of two, outdoor apparel/activewear designer, badass ultra runner (she has 2 100 milers under her belt!), Author of the book “North” and advocate for safe maternal health for women all over the World. I met Jenny when her and her husband Scott came to … more »

Episode 183: Kimberly Truesdell

Kimberly Truesdell is an inspiring writer, runner, mom of two and advocate for healthy lifestyles for all. One of the messages she talked about in our conversation is that everyone deserves to have the opportunity to choose a healthy lifestyle. By day Kim is a marketer and writer and after hours she facilitates a weight … more »

Episode 181: Hollie Hughes

Hollie Hughes just broke the Guinness Book world record pushing a wheelchair at the OneAmerica 500 Festival Mini-Marathon in a time of 1:24:52. I had the honor and privilege of talking with her before an after the race right here in my city of Indianapolis. We recorded this interview before the race and then I … more »

Episode 175: Heather Jenson

Heather Jensen is a 18 time marathoner and 2 time Ironman! Heather has an inspiring story of getting to the start line in Boston as she is running for her first time this Monday in 2019 after 10 years of making it a goal to get there. Heather ran her first marathon 10 years ago … more »

Episode 174: Sara Hall

Sara Hall is a 2:26 marathoner and a 1:09 half marathoner. She came to the marathon after an impressive career in track and cross country; she’s an XC National Champion. Sara will be headed to run the Boston Marathon on Patriots Day for the first time. She was planning to run Boston in 2018 but … more »

Episode 168: Kristen Garzone

Kristen Garzone is a 7 time marathoner on a hunt to break 4 hours this spring all while raising money for Every Mother Counts in honor of her friend Kristin who lost her life to post partum depression. She is a wife, the mom of one, works in insurance and has a deep love for … more »

Episode 167: Kristin Srour

My friend Kristin Srour joins me on the podcast today. I always get extra excited when I get to introduce you all to one of my real life friends. Kristin is a Director of Global Community Health Programs at Special Olympics International and has traveled around the World serving their mission. You get to hear … more »

Episode 166: Latoya Shauntay Snell

Latoya Shauntay Snell joins me on the podcast today! I ran across her most recent viral article and had to have her on. Latoya is a mother, wife, marathon and ultra runner, chef and athlete for Hoka One One. Her work and story has been featured in the Huffington Post, Runner’s World, Refinery 29, People … more »