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Episode 174: Sara Hall

Sara Hall is a 2:26 marathoner and a 1:09 half marathoner. She came to the marathon after an impressive career in track and cross country; she’s an XC National Champion. Sara will be headed to run the Boston Marathon on Patriots Day for the first time.

She was planning to run Boston in 2018 but injury kept her off the start line and she’s more excited than ever to take the challenging course this year. We get to hear about her road to the race and how hard she’s worked cross training to get back to running. This is actually the longest time Sara has gone without racing since she started running and she is ready. This is a woman who loves to compete and race possibly more than anyone I’ve ever talked to. (now that I’m thinking this through, I feel like Shelby Houlihan might be up there with her on her love for racing)

Sara is also the mother of four daughters; she and her husband Ryan Hall adopted from Ethiopia in 2015 and in this episode we hear about how their family is doing. I love the way they do life and am inspired by Sara every time I talk with her.

This is Sara’s third time on the show and I always love catching up with her- make sure you catch her first episodes – episode 11 and then a bonus episode after she won CIM in 2017.

Photo Cred: Justin Britton

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