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Episode 278: Naomi Mitchell – Huge PR in London – 2:33 Marathon!

Naomi Mitchell ran a 4 minute personal best time at the London Marathon this past weekend for a time of 2:33:23. Her marathon progression is exciting and impressive. She’s only 26 years old and has been putting more serious training into the marathon since 2018.  She casually ran some marathons in the speedy times of … more »

Episode 221: Alison Wade

Alison Wade is the writer and brains behind the Fast Women newsletter. She is the mother of two and has been involved in the running industry for over two decades. Alison worked for the NYRR where she founded and served as editor of and for the sites’ first five years. She has … more »

Episode 85: Jen Bigham

Episode 85 of I’ll Have Another was so fun to record. Jen has been one of my most requested guests for the show. I’ve been friends with Jen on the internet for a long time and it was fun to actually hear her voice and chat about all things running and family. One thing I’ve … more »