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Episode 278: Naomi Mitchell – Huge PR in London – 2:33 Marathon!

Naomi Mitchell ran a 4 minute personal best time at the London Marathon this past weekend for a time of 2:33:23. Her marathon progression is exciting and impressive. She’s only 26 years old and has been putting more serious training into the marathon since 2018.  She casually ran some marathons in the speedy times of 2:49-3:01 before she decided to really see what she could do. Last fall in Frankfurt she ran a 2:37 and just a year later took that down to 2:33 from this past weekend!

Naomi works full time as a chartered accountant and trains with the Reading Athletic Club.

What we talked about:

4:10- Introduction to Naomi Mitchell and a bit of history of her running career

7:55- A timeline of her marathon progression and how she had such big improvements in the marathon the last few years

10:15- Her goals at the Frankfurt Marathon in 2019

11:30- What she has her sights set on with running in the coming years

12:45- Her early years of running and the club that she ran for growing up

15:00- Her change in mileage and training progressions when she started having big improvements

15:55- What she does for work

16:25- How she balances her time between training and working full time

18:50- Being vegan while training for marathons

24:15- The process of getting into the London Marathon

25:35- Details of the London Marathon course and training for the unique aspect of the course being a lot of laps

29:40- Details on being in the London Marathon “bubble” and safety precautions they took for COVID

32:10- The weather at the race

33:00- A breakdown of her race

37:55- Her mentality when the race got hard

39:00- The support that she gets from her husband with her training

42:35- Her fueling strategy during a marathon

45:50- What her sights are set on next and if she will be running a spring marathon

46:10- End of podcast questions


Show Notes:

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