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Episode 85: Jen Bigham

Episode 85 of I’ll Have Another was so fun to record. Jen has been one of my most requested guests for the show. I’ve been friends with Jen on the internet for a long time and it was fun to actually hear her voice and chat about all things running and family. One thing I’ve been able to admire from afar for all these years is her independence, her love for running, and also the balance she seems to place on it while prioritizing family and fun.

Jen comes from a family of speedy runners and is a 1:15 half marathoner. She is currently training for the Philly Marathon where she hopes to qualify for the Olympic Trials. In this episode we talk about training in between having babies, and we also talk about how she executes workouts in such a way that she saves enough to lay it all out there on race day. I also maybe sort of invited myself on her family vacation this winter, so there’s that.

Show Notes:

Two Dope Queens

Shu Brew – Jungle Boo IPA

Veterans of Americans (VVA)

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Donna Marathon

The 11th Annual DONNA Marathon Weekend will be held Friday, February 9 – Sunday, February 11, 2018.

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