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Dances with Dirt & What Now

I got to join the Quaff On girls relay team last weekend for Dances with Dirt. I was thinking of doing the half so when they asked me to be on their team, I thought this would be much better than just doing the half by myself. These girls are fast and I was definitely the weak … more »

Mohican Training Update

We are getting close. Three weekends away! Today is the last day of May. I did the DINO 15k (I highly doubt it was a 15K. I had it at about 8.7…but whatever) down in Brown County to round out the month. Depending on who was racing I thought I might have shot at grabbing … more »

Feeling STALE.

It’s been a long time since I’ve felt in prime shape. I’ve been feeling pretty stale with not much to write about. (Your welcome… who wants to read something with no feeling, I won’t post something just to post something). I usually think of things I want to write about when I’m running- clearly that hasn’t … more »

Mohican Week 8 & Spring RACE Line Up!

Originally I had planned to start running at the beginning of the week but after some thought I decided to take another couple days. The achilles has been feeling a lot better recently but I didn’t want to push anything. I still have time on my side. At least for another couple of weeks.  The … more »