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Dances with Dirt & What Now

I got to join the Quaff On girls relay team last weekend for Dances with Dirt. I was thinking of doing the half so when they asked me to be on their team, I thought this would be much better than just doing the half by myself. These girls are fast and I was definitely the weak link on my team. Before the race I said “So are we running hard or just kind of hard and for fun”. Anne took off first and I quickly realized while they were being nice by saying “just have fun” because they also meant “yay, run hard”. Ok, run hard it is. Other than the Mini the weekend before I hadn’t really pushed myself since Louis, not to mention I haven’t ran up a real hill or trails since well before he was born, so yeah, hard it was.


Six Foot Tall Blondes – Quaff On Racing

But man it was fun. I forget how much I love running trails when I’m away from them. The up is hard work but the down is so fun.

When my heart rate was through the roof and I was literally climbing on my hands and feet during my last leg, I was thinking about what Glenn said when we were approaching mile 12 of the Mini last weekend.  I was trying to put the hammer down and making some grunts.  He knew I was starting to push and he says “It feels good doesn’t it”. So right then I thought, actually this does feel good, I haven’t worked this hard in a long time (other than pushing during labor. That was F-ing hard) So, rather than thinking about how much it hurt, I starting thinking that I actually enjoy pushing my limits, so stop being a baby and embrace the pain. We were the fourth team in- behind the two Quaff on guys team and Gerry’s three man team. I’m not sure when the next girls team came in, but i don’t think they were even near us.

Glenn ran the 50K and had a pretty ugly race. He just wasn’t feeling good. Regardless of how he felt though, it was great prep for Kettle Moraine in June when he’ll take on 60 miles for the first time. I’m looking forward to getting some miles in myself during his race and being super cheerleader. Now we just have to nail down who is going to watch those little people we’re in charge of.


I’m interested in doing another half sometime soon, just to knock some more time down and get the racing feeling going. I will probably do the Monumental Mile in a few weeks- trying to not be terrified of racing a mile, but seriously that will hurt. I don’t think I can run an impressive time right now, but  I’ll just see what I have in these legs. I was secretly pregnant last year at the Monumental Mile and Glenn ran. Guess it’s my turn. Don’t think I’ll be putting up a 4:56 though. I also think I’ll do the Fire Cracker Six, doubtful I can put up the time I did in 2013.. yet. We’ll see.

Here’s a look at the last two weeks- pre Mini and Dances with Dirt. Lower mileage- but should be coming back closer to 40 or so this week.

04.27.15- 05.03.15

Monday: 4.7 Mi @ 9:45 – Whole family – two strollers + dog

Tuesday: 3.1 Mi @ 9:25 – Stroller run with Lou

Wednesday: 4.2 Mi @ 8:15 – Solo Monon Miles

Thursday: 6 Mi @ 7:30 – with Larra on Monon

Friday: Rest

Saturday: Mini Marathon, 13.1 Mi – 1:38:12

Sunday: Rest – Damn Straight.

Total Mi: 31 Mi

05.04.15- 05.10.15

Monday: Rest – Had a cold + the mini had me tired

Tuesday: Rest – Ditto above

Wednesday: 7.4 Mi @ 8:47 – solo recovery run

Thursday: 5.3 Mi @ 9:01 – Morning Miles (never happens)

Friday: 3 Mi @ who knows what but it was slow

Saturday: 11ish Mi – Dances with Dirt. No GPS just running man.

Sunday: Rest

Total Mi: 26 Mi

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