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Feeling STALE.

It’s been a long time since I’ve felt in prime shape. I’ve been feeling pretty stale with not much to write about. (Your welcome… who wants to read something with no feeling, I won’t post something just to post something). I usually think of things I want to write about when I’m running- clearly that hasn’t been happening. Running brings out the creative side of me and I’ve been missing out on that.


My norm is to run a lot and naturally I talk about it a lot; I’ve surrounded myself with a world of runners. I feel like I’m constantly asked “what are you training for”, when is your next race”. Since last summer I haven’t really had anything I was training seriously for. I was training to complete Boston, but I never had big goals, it was just to run it, so I had to get the necessary runs in to do it without being untrained distance wise and a mess/prone to injury on race day.  So now, here I am one month removed from Boston, my plantar fasciitis has turned into a bit of a monster and this Friday will mark two weeks of no running for me. I HAVE to let it heal if I want to run on feet that feel good. I’ve also been worried about running on it and compensating how I land on my foot, injuring myself further. So, no run for me.

I’ve been in a constant motion of getting myself BACK into shape since November. It hasn’t even been about getting fast, it’s just been about getting into shape to run a marathon. My right hamstring started bothering me in February and then the plantar Fasciitis creeped in, but I decided I’d go ahead and run Boston, feeling somewhat blah and then let all that heal up after the race. (trip was already booked & I didn’t want to miss out on the experience- plus running is my fun, not my job) The hamstring is great now, it’s just the foot I’m still dealing with. I never knew how painful it could be.

I miss feeling fast and fresh. I miss the post workout/race bliss that a good speed session provides. For now though, I’m trying to enjoy not belong a slave to a training plan and keeping up on working out 5ish days a week- on the bike, pool & whatever else. The elliptical has been irritating my foot even, so I’m staying away from it until it’s better. I’ve been better than ever about icing, rolling it & I bought a strassenburg sock- I’m going to give it two more weeks of my own self treating and if it’s not a LOT better by then, I’m going to physical therapy.

Anyway, that’s that. That’s why I’ve been quiet… not that you’ve necessarily noticed. 🙂 I wish my husband, who is training for a 50 miler would hop on and write though. He’s up at 5 every morning, out the door running around 10 miles a day it seems every day before work, plus long runs Sat & Sun. He just ran his first official Ultra at the Dances with Dirt 50K the other week- placing 5th on a nasty terrain in 4:52. ]

He’s an internet snob sometimes though, so it’s hard to convince him to write unless he really wants to….

Here are some pics from the 50K: (Marshall, my dad, Cadence and I had fun setting up camp and being cheerleaders)








Ever had Plantar Fasciitis? Best treatment that worked for you?

Have you done Dances with Dirt? 

What’s you best 50 Miler advice for Glenn?

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