Work With Me

Episode 183: Kimberly Truesdell

Kimberly Truesdell is an inspiring writer, runner, mom of two and advocate for healthy lifestyles for all. One of the messages she talked about in our conversation is that everyone deserves to have the opportunity to choose a healthy lifestyle. By day Kim is a marketer and writer and after hours she facilitates a weight … more »

Episode 167: Kristin Srour

My friend Kristin Srour joins me on the podcast today. I always get extra excited when I get to introduce you all to one of my real life friends. Kristin is a Director of Global Community Health Programs at Special Olympics International and has traveled around the World serving their mission. You get to hear … more »

I’ll Have Another Podcast Episode 77: Sarah Holsapple

Episode 77 of I’ll Have Another is a conversation with my good friend Sarah Holsapple. Sarah is married to Casey and they have two adorable kids, Henry and Ellis. I met Sarah when we were connected through a mutual friend to join a monthly supper club, which we’ve been doing for almost a year now. … more »

I’ll Have Another Podcast Episode 70: Samantha Smith

This episode with Samantha Smith is one of a kind. She walks us through the difficult time in her life (still difficult) of losing her husband, Andrew Smith 18 months ago. You can read about their journey on their blog here. Samantha has been through so much in her 26 years and is one of … more »

I’ll Have Another Podcast Episode 48: Kim Hoban

I’ll Have Another Podcast Episode 48: Kim Hoban Kim Hoban is a Registered Dietitian, Runner, Cross-Fitter and now Long Islander! She believes in plant-based, intuitive eating and promotes whole, real foods over diets.  Kim is so relatable and I know you’ll love her. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Dietetics from SUNY College at Oneonta and … more »

I’ll Have Another Episode 19: Laura Redman

I’ll Have Another Episode 19: Laura Redman Laura Redman is a local Indy gal who I adore! I have known of Laura for quite some time, but have just recently had the opportunity to get to know her better and she’s as sweet in person as she looks in that picture above. She is a … more »